Benner Mechanical Complaint - Getting Better Technicians Or Stop Cover Up For A Bad Company

Review by MY JOB MIS TREATED ME on 2010-05-17
BURLINGTON, KENTUCKY -- Ok now I'm going ham on this company that is the maintenance sub-contractor for Family Dollar that fixes the furnace, water heaters, gas leaks etc... If you seen my blog that I did about Family Dollar this is the company that said for nine months that nothing was wrong or the problem was fixed after a gas leak and carbon monoxide, now if this company said nothing is wrong and employees were getting sick and constantly calling them all year long and they said nothing is wrong or the furnace light just blew out, I don't see a problem or yea you need a new unit( furnace) but corp. Rejected it so they told the contractor to make it work..... Are you freakn serious....... They were even called out three days in one week, when the fire dept. Came in and shut the store down the Fire Marshall took her down stairs where the furnace was piping was tagged in red then a water heater was bad it was five leaks the furnace had duct tap all over gas was leaking from pipe fittings .... Well at least the sub-contractor said he felt bad all weekend on what happened and that he never worked on a furnace like that .....Also he said that Family Dollar(corp)....Told him not to fix it but make it work and when they said we were all sick for months he said corp. Said its the flu season......

My question is you should of new what you were doing if you did not why are you working for this establishment 2, what about the water heater don't no how to fix that either 3, if you were told by this company not to fix it to harm these employees you should of turned this company in but I guess you couldn't do that out of greed I truly feel sorry for these companies that this is what it comes down to money, how would you guys feel if it happened to you lied too, you trusted us, and we leave you sick, no explanation, no answers, nothing I would deserve whatever comes to me so expect the same from my daughter.

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