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Review by still_dirty on 2010-05-20
I purchased an LG washer in 2004..yeah, it sounds like a while back, but take into account I am a single woman doing one person's laundry...about one load every month. So now, after the near 7 years I have had it, it pops an LE code. Can't get rid of it. Got a bunch of wet laundry on my garage floor I've been trying to wash, hoping the code would finally go away as many people say it should. Mine won't. So I call service & they say sorry but you'll have to pay service to come fix it...things break. Even if the item that needs fixing is under warantee, I STILL have to pay service to fix it. I am on a tight budget and I can't express how hard this is hitting me. I can't afford to blindly approve someone to come "service" a washer and apply god knows how many hundred dollars worth of parts. The last supervisor I got on the phone said "this is as far as this call will escalate"...a pleasant way of saying "goodbye, go away, you'll have to pay 50% the value to have your washer fixed." I am furious because I know it worked fine before, and should work fine now. LG is a crap brand and does NOT stand behind their products. Consumer beware. I bought my fridge at the same time, probably the same month, and THEY replaced my fridge when they couldn't fix it. Maytag won't let you down, and LG will. So unless you are rich, be cautious buying a shiny new washer. Its of no use if it won't wash. and that's what I've got.
Broke and dirty in Miami...lol...courtesy of LG.
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Posted by TheMightyBoosh on 2010-05-20:
One load per month? I'm a college student and do three loads per week between work clothes, school clothes and going out clothes. Not to mention sheets, towels etc. How can I, also a single individual, reduce this to a single load every month. Please advise.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2010-05-20:
One load of laundry per month? Maybe the load was too big for the washer and that is a problem!
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-05-20:
WOW...I really think the OP made some sort of typo when they said one load a month. As a single female, I do 3-5 loads a week when you include towels, sheets, clothing and "unmentionables"
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-05-20:
I, too, think it was a typo. If I only did one load of laundry a month I'd trot myself down to the local laundromat and wash and dry my clothes there. As far as warranty the company goes by the age of the appliance, not the loads somewhat like car manufactures do on their warranties. Some folks put very low mileage on their vehicle but when that warranty is up, well..it's up no matter the mileage.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-05-20:
exactly, nohandle. My car is a 2001, yet it has 32,500 miles. i run into issues every few months that need repaired. Low mialage is great, but overall age will still cause issues.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-05-20:
I'd like to think I wear the same clothing more then most people (yes I admit I'm gross sometimes lol) and even I do more then one load of laundry a month just counting my clothes. My husband on the other hand goes through clothing like who knows what.
Posted by isabellebull on 2010-06-03:
Hi I too had the same thing happen to my washer. It will work up to the spin cycle as it stops there and won't rinse. My washer is filled with water. It also flashes a two digit unrecognizable code. I removed the clothes and it restarted but again stopped the same place. Now I am waiting for a response from an Sears advocate technician to e-mail me. I paid $14.00 for this service. We'll see if it was worth it. Am I a sucker!? Lisa

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