Avondale Chrysler Jeep Complaint - Stereotype of the sleazy car dealer alive and well at Avondale Chrysler Jeep

Review by CHUDD on 2010-05-25
AVONDALE, ARIZONA -- On May 4, 2010, my wife and I were in the Avondale Automall dropping off my Toyota for servicing. As we were approaching the end of the lease of our other vehicle, a 2008 Saturn, we went to “just look” at the Jeeps. We were immediately approached by a salesman, Javier Cibrian.
We let Javier know that we were just looking and that we only had 7 months left on the lease of our Saturn. We told him that we were just pricing and wondering if Jeep was leasing vehicles. He was unsure if they were leasing and went into the showroom to check. He returned with another man who stated that he was the sales manager, Joe. Joe, who told us to call him Papa Joe, said to us “what if I can get you out of this lease?”. My response was, “It’s a Saturn, you can’t get us out of it”. The reason I answered that way is because we recently traded in another Saturn and Toyota was not willing to work with the Saturn because the residual value was so low due to the dissolution of the Saturn brand. We also told him that we were in no rush and only had 7 months. His response was, “I’ve got plenty of rebate money that I can play with, what if I can get you out?” Our response to that was “sure, if you can get us out of it.” We test drove and decided to purchase a 2010 Jeep Wrangler with a sticker price of $27,474 with a $5,000 down payment.
The purchasing process was LONG. Eventually, we made it back to the finance office where we were offered and refused some kind of security add-on as well as a service package. We did accept an extended warranty. I would like to mention that these add-ons were not formal documents. They were written with a black sharpie on a blank piece of paper. At first, it felt a little odd but in retrospect, it was completely unprofessional. After several hours, we were tired and hungry and to our detriment we did not read the contract we were signing. To be honest, between the two of us we have purchased or leased 9 new vehicles (3 of which were Jeeps) and neither of us have EVER had any problems. Nevertheless, we should not have been so trusting and we should have read the contract.
When I got my first bill, I was shocked to see that the total amount financed was over $32,000. Like I stated above, the sticker price was $27,474 and we put $5,000 down. I pulled out the contract and noticed that the price of the vehicle was $28,484 and that there was $3050 rolled into the financing. After taxes and tags we are ending up paying over $37,000 for a vehicle with a sticker price of $27,474.
On May 17th, I attempted to call the finance department and got a voicemail. I left a message and asked for a return call but did not get one. Three days later, we tried to call the dealership again but could not get “Papa Joe” or a finance officer to the phone. It turns out that nobody knew a “Papa Joe” and that the man who introduced himself as Papa Joe, sales manager was Joe Castro, internet director. We then went to the dealership and waited until someone would see us. “Papa Joe” explained that the $3050 was the buyout of the lease and that it was rolled into the financing. We immediately reminded him that he told us that he had “plenty of rebate money to play with” and that he promised to get us out of the lease. His response was at first denial, and then he said that the offer was for $1500. To that we reinforced that we were not in the market to purchase on May 4th and that his assurance that he would get us out of the lease with the rebate money was what persuaded us to purchase the Jeep. Furthermore, we questioned his initial response about the $1,500. If the offer was for $1,500 rebate, then why was $3,050 rolled into the financing? He of course had no answer and took the paper work back to the office. When he returned he told us that he was told “it didn’t look right” and that a finance officer would call the next day and that they “would make it right”. As far as the discrepancy with the sticker price, he explained that $1,000 was added to the price of the vehicle for that so-called security thing, written in magic marker that we refused.
The next day, I returned to the dealership and spoke to Larry Cluff, Sales Manager. After I explained the situation, Larry told me that he would “make it right”, that he needed to research it and get the contract back from the bank. He explained since it was Friday, we would have to wait until Monday when the bank was open.
On Monday afternoon, I called Larry. Larry confirmed that he had the paper work and needed to review it and would call back. About 30 minutes later Scott Peters, General Manager, called. After going through all of the above details, Scott’s final response was “I have a contract here with you signature on it.” Nothing was “made right”!
This is our fourth Jeep and we were loyal Jeep owners. Writing to you is our next step in trying to “make this right”, so that we might remain loyal jeep owners. We want to believe this is an isolated incident related to an unscrupulous employee in Joe Castro.
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Posted by saj80 on 2010-05-26:
If you're too tired to read a contract prior to signing, you're too tired to purchase anything. You could have walked away, but didn't, and I will be very surprised if you get much sympathy from members of this site.
Posted by FlShopper on 2010-05-26:
If nothing else, this post serves as a warning about the perils of not reading a contract in full.

Sorry this happened to you.

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