Mattress Discounters in Virginia Beach Complaint - Poor customer experience

Review by Ares420 on 2010-05-26
VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- I bought a mattress late in 2008. By 2010, the springs under my shoulders had let go and the mattress sagged. I called and filed a calim with mattress discounters. After a week, they told me to come on by and look at the replacement or choose an upgrade and apy the difference, so I did. All was set up, I paid to upgrade and set up delivery.
On the day of delivery, the delivers show up and suddenly, my warranty is void. They found a small stain in the corner of the mettress that I could barely see, which apparently voids the warranty. So after all of the sure, come by pick up a mattress all the nice a fuzzy, suddenly the rug is pulled out from under me and I'm left sleeping on a sagging mattress. So after a week, they still ahve yet to refund the purchase price of my new mattress. I'm facing finance charges for soemthing I do not even own. Also, I was never given any warranty info for the original mattress so I was not even aware how the warranty wokred. Needless to say, I will never buy from this company again and I will tell anyone who will listen, don't bother either.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-05-26:
That stinks.

I bought my last mattress from the Original Mattress Factory several years ago (6 - 8, I believe)and I'm very pleased with their product. Thankfully, I've not had the need to use the warranty, and I find their product to be superior.

Yeah, I'd avoid Mattress Discounters in the future.

Posted by Anonymous on 2010-05-26:
There was a time when I could say I was proud to have worn out a mattress, but then, that's a different story. Never been a fan of this company, their "Amish wood frame" or their cheezy commercials. To think your warranty was voided by some slight "stain" (ick) really is puzzling though.
Posted by furnman on 2010-05-27:
Sad to say that all Mattress companies have this stipulation on the warranty cards. The warranty should have been attached to the side of the mattress when you recieved it. Many stores will use the stain issue that voids the warranty as a well to sell you a mattress pad/protector.
Posted by kc3435 on 2011-04-11:
I'm so sorry that happened to you, but unfortunately stains do void a mattress warranty. This is not a trick by retailers, but a standard rule for mattress manfacturers. Getting a mattress wet can indeed damage it structurally, so there is a good reason for the rule. As for another reader's comment that stores 'use' this rule to sell mattress protectors: had this consumer had proper protection on her mattress, she would not be here complaining now. A mattress protector is insurance for your mattress. You may not like paying your insurance company every month, but you're sure lucky you have it when you rear end somebody, aren't you?
Posted by Lynda on 2012-03-01:
I recently bought a mattress from mattress discounters! When I called to tell them they had given me the wrong mattress they hung up on me! I then went into the store and asked for the correct mattress. The man who sold me the mattress, Dan Wilson, then said that if I would pay $70 for them to pick up the wrong mattress they'd given me and then pay another $70 for them to deliver the correct mattress then he would give me what I had paid for! They are theives! When I called corporate to try to get some help they also hung up on me! This is a porrly ran company and Dan Wilson played a bait and switch on me. Giving me a foam mattress instead of a spring, pillowtop one that I requested. I am a pregnant woman and find it hard to move on the foam mattresses and was very adamant when he kept pushing for the foam, Space Age, mattress. This man only cares about his commission. Also, when I asked if they had twins on mattresses he said they didnt have any. Upon wandering back there just to check it out, I saw they had about 50 of them on clearance!!

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