Toyota Scion of Goldsboro Complaint - Toyota of Goldsboro Buyers Beware

Review by roderick2411 on 2010-05-28
GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- Well, should have never taken delivery of vehicle but I signed before I ever recv'd vehicle, so I will accept the fault there. I purchased a NEW 2010 Tundra 4WD. I will say they paid my trade in off, with no negative equity so that was a plus but they more than made up for it negatively. First thing, I signed paperwork and they had to order some stuff to add to truck (rims, tires, flares and a lift was installed before I picked up) when they finally had my truck ready, the tires were not what they were suppose to be. Sales man gave me lame excuse they are a dealer and can only do so much size wise, so I shouldve never been told they would do bigger like originally I was by parts mgr. Next, the air pressure light was on. They gave me a print out stating it would go off within 20 minutes it had to reset. Come to find out it never went off, so I had to carry it back. Oddly enough they hooked it up and immediately knew it needed 3 new sensors. HMMM, bet they knew that the night I took delivery just were tired it was Friday night 8pm service usually goes home at 6pm. Nonetheless, I took it up there to get that fixed, stayed 2 hours and they had to order some sort of computer. Somehow while determining that, the service guys not only managed to get grease on my seat, but managed to leave a scrape across the back door and some little dings on the bed. So, service mgr (who I must say is only one at dealership who accepts any accountability and listens and attempts to resolve issue)assures me that he would fix it. They had a guy who comes in on Thursdays who does detailing and buffing and such. So, if I brought my truck back in, yet again ( I live an hour one way) that they would have me loaner available and get my truck fixed and have air sensor computer corrected. So I took in and picked up loaner Camry. I go back to get my truck Friday evening and the srv mgr was out of town, but the truck actually looked worse. You could feel the scrape and it seemed to show more, but maybe because I was looking and knew it was there. The little minor dings in bed, were touched up but clearly not buffed out and it looked like my 9 yr old son could've done the touch up work. Seriously. So, Monday I call him back and just tell him that it looks worse. I told him I was hesitant to even bring truck back cause each time more stuff went wrong, more grease on headliner and floormat and they had nicked the plastic console on a tiny place on door but still this was NEW truck. He assured me that he would oversee it personally. They were going to bring me a loaner but it ended up their driver oculd not find where we were suppose to meet, so I met him about half way. That was Tuesday. Again, I was given loaner, a minivan. Ok, it gets me from point A to B. But I bought a brand new 35k 4wd truck, I would think loaner should be comparable. Even saying that was never an issue until today. I called yesterday and spoke to serv mgr who said my truck should be ready this morning and he would call me 1st thing to let me know what time I could pick it up. Well noon I got the call, that it was not ready and the body shop it was at was closing early. I said no worries, we took the weekend off and are going to beach so I can just pick it up since they were closed for Holiday and bring it back Tuesday. That is when I was told that not only is my truck not at dealer, where he was personally looking after it, but it is being repainted. The entire side of cab and bed. Never was this mentioned. They did offer to reimburse me for a rental but no rental to be found on Friday afternoon Memorial Day weekend, muchless 4WD one. So even though I just bought a new truck from them and they have it due to their incompetence they can not loan me a 4wd vehicle. I am floored and have filed complaints with the BBB as I would tell anyone else who has issues to do, There are several already on file. I also had some issues with unethical selling practices. I am going to pursue this. I am by no means, and will never be a satisfied customer of Toyota.

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