Ashley Furniture HomeStore Complaint - Bad quality, rude people and no warrenty coverage!

Review by Snoww on 2010-05-28
EVANVILLE, INDIANA -- Ashley Furniture Homestore in Evansville, Indiana:
I bought over $5000.00 worth of furniture at this
Ashley Homestore. Oh, when I was buying, the
persons that worked there couldn't have been nicer!!!
Unfortunately, that was where it ended. When my dining
chairs were delivered, they rocked (I did find out how
to fix them) but the "service dept." blamed ME for
now sitting in each and every one of the chairs when
they were delivered. That was nothing compared with
what happened next. My dining room table, the veneer
part, started to rise and crack and break off . . all over
the table. Cheaply made!! I was still in the year warranty stage, so
I called and they had their technician come out. He told
me that Ashley wouldn't cover the table because it
was water damage. All over the ENTIRE table?? What did
I do, drown it? There are no rings, no water marks--nothing
like that . .it makes me sick . . I have a worthless dining
table (set) that I paid over 2300.00--Ashley Furniture
does not take care of their customers! I will NEVER shop
there again.
Comments:5 Replies - Latest reply on 2011-08-06
Posted by Skye on 2010-05-28:
Ashleigh strikes again! It truly amazes me how they even stay in business with nothing but complaints against them. Ask them to prove your table is destroyed by water damage. I would consider taking them to small claims court. Take pictures of everything, and every piece of documentation you have.

Sorry for your troubles.
Posted by Snoww on 2010-05-29:
I wondered the same thing . .how companies such as Ashley stay in business . .I am sure that every business will have some complaints from consumers . .but Ashley . .wow! Whatever happened to the customer is always right?! I have taken pictures of every angle of the table and called my attorney right after I received the call from Ashley telling me the verdict of "water damage"--and that Ashley's verdict relieved them of covering the table under their manufacturers warranty. The table has no rings, no discoloration and the cracking and peeling is throughout the veneer pattern that runs around the entire outside of the table as well as through the center of the table. What, selective water damage? I was speechless when Ashley told me what their verdict was the damage on the table was my fault. I should have read the comments first, that many person's can't be wrong!!!
Posted by Pepper on 2010-05-29:
they're also well known for sending in employees - or at least well suspected of it - to post fake positive reviews.

i already know however i'll prolly never buy stuff from them.
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-05-29:
Snoww, the reason companies like this stay in business is because everyone doesn't do research beforehand. Many see something in a home or walk into a nicely decorated showroom and are greeted by friendly salespeople. Some might ask around. I've haven't always done research before a purchase. Generally, I've been lucky thus far on those need right now purchases.

I don't put water period on solid wood furniture but always thought something with a laminate/veneer top withstood water. Heat no, but a wet glass was fine. I did think it a bit strange you were blamed for not sitting in every chair at time of delivery. Excuse me, did the delivery people sit in every chair to make certain everything was satisfactory? I don't expect so, yet you are blamed by Ashley?
Posted by TOM on 2011-08-06:

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