Enchanted Mirror Complaint - Just To Warn Others - Berets & Legwarmers

Review by rolled on 2010-06-01
I am writing this only to help others. Please beware of this store. I had a battle with this store that lasted almost three years. As my dreadful experience is over, my goal is to now educate other trusting consumers. I have no more anger as it has been a year since all this transpired. I went through a lot with this store! I could not get her to give me the items I ordered. She stated since the berets and legwarmers were a custom order, I would not be refunded. To make a very long story short, I went to see my lawyer about this issue, and brought along with me all of the extremely nasty, foul-mouthed, degrading e-mails she sent me. She made it seem like I had done something wrong and kept referring me to the comment blog of the "satisfied" customers. Which after all these years are the very same ones. My lawyer stated that to bring action against her, I would have to go to her State to take her to court. This woman has more excuses than Barbie has accessories. I finally received the items. The berets were so big they fell over my face and the legwarmers are ugly. When I complained, she blamed it on the "seamstress". All in all, I ended it. I have the cruddy, crappy "things". BEWARE!!! She will also block you from sending e-mails to her. I was told so many different things, and situations, that in the beginning I was compelled to have pity on her and her situation and to give her more time. Almost three years. When I received the items, it felt as if I had been punished for pursuing what I had already paid for. Don't feel bad for getting scammed.

We look at the beautiful photographs and want some of the beauty ourselves. We are not the ones lost to fantasy. We do have a life and things to do other than bad-mouth her store. Wanting what you paid for is not criminal behavior. I hope Miss Nicks will find out herself and do something about it. I also find it shameful that she says "God bless you". All of this is TRUE! I have my lawyer to back my statements. Please beware!
Company Response on 06/01/2010:
Hello Anonymous Poster,

My name is Michael Black, and I am assuming ownership of the Enchanted Mirror, on 07/01/10.
If you are, indeed, an actual customer of this store, I respectfully request that you eMail ME, at:
with your original invoice #, and the name the order was placed under. I will take the appropriate measures to get this taken care of, for you, ASAP.
If I do NOT hear from anyone within 48 hours, I am sorry to say, I will assume, as my Assistant, Ann Windham does, already, that this is one of the "internet Barbara haters", due to her Stevie Nicks tribute shows.
Many thanks, and I look forward to helping you, IF this is an actual unsatisfied former customer.
Enjoy Your Day!

Sincerely, Michael Black
Comments:4 Replies - Latest reply on 2011-03-08
Posted by Alain on 2010-06-01:
Maybe get a puppy and let it chew the stuff up. I will take your advice and not order from here. Thanks!
Posted by rolled on 2011-03-08:
Moved From Other Review: .Well, Mr. Black, Hello! Common sense dictates I was a customer. I believe those of us who have dealt with "enchanted mirror" don't believe you are who you say you are. I speak only for myself though. Through the ridiculous three year period I was introduced to three, yes, three different people who were to take over her store. Really, you want my e-mail address? Are you flipping kidding me? It does not mean that I was not an actual customer, it means that I am not an idiot!! I don't have any time to devote to your delusional world. The owner would make the very comments that you are making Mr. Black, interesting. "Everyone is attacking this poor, harmless, creature and her store, and we are all just jealous of her". Truly? I can honestly shake my head and laugh at this absurdity now, but it was not funny going through all the hell she put me through. Attention: no one is jealous of you! Get over yourself! I warn anyone who is even contemplating purchasing anything from this so called store! I heard everything under the sun from her, to her going to sewing school, to this, that, not her fault, it is on it's way, vendors fault, ect.. I so sympathize with others who have had trouble with her. As far as giving you an invoice# ect., As you well know, I never received any paperwork, at all! So who are you trying to kid? Oh, the wonderful God bless you's! I heard so many of them that I didn't think I was ever going to have to worry about sin! Sickening! You should stop using GOD to placate your wickedness!! Are you trying to be a "witchy woman" If so, you're the understatement of the year. Wow! It doesn't seem that I am responding to a Mr. Black does it? It is difficult if not impossible to believe a liar. If there really is a Mr. Black, what are you going to do about this matter, I mean really? Are you going to refund my money? You just wanted my e-mail address, right? BUYERS BEWARE!!!! If you don't want another scathing review, then please, don't respond to this one!!!! I have three years invested in this and the wound is still fresh, can you tell? Also I have three years ( sucks to be me! ) of your crap under my belt, so I believe I can "review" for an extended amount of time! PLEASE TURN AWAY FROM THIS PROPRIETOR FOR YOUR OWN SAKE!
Posted by rolled on 2011-03-08:
Oh so sorry Mr. Black, my mistake. You invited me to e-mail you, you did not ask for my e-mail address. I do apologize for this indiscretion. I know that my previous review stated that it has been over a year since my ordeal, this is true. Reading how others have been treated the same way, always opens the wound. I will get over it. I assume it is the fact that this wasn't a one time bad mistake by you, but that it has bled out to others.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-03-08:
That has got to be one of the most insulting Company responses I've seen to date on here. new or old.

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