Globaltel Complaint - I HATE this company - phone service to inmates

Review by Pridge on 2010-06-05
This is one of the worst phone companies EVER!! Every phone call my husband makes to me cuts out and we have to pause our conversation at least 20 times during it. This evening it was so bad that we would get hardly a word in when it would cut out. So I called their customer service (which they had to call me back-I'm sure others were calling to complain as well). Anyway, I wanted a credit back. I mean the cost is horriblly expensive (like $3.00 for a connection and so much per minute after-totaling around $9.00 if you talk for the whole time) and my husband had tried calling me several times from different phones to see if we could at least talk for a minute. The other inmates said it was doing it to them as well. Well, the representative said that it's stated in the policy that we use our cell phones at our own risk and they do not give ANY credit to people using cell phones. I'm sorry but I'm alone right now with my 9 month old daughter and I can't afford to have a landline AND cell phone. How is it that I heard her so damn clearly if it was my CELL PHONE!? I'm so angry right now I could spit! But the sad thing is is that I am still going to have to give my money to these a holes. I want to talk to my husband. So anyway, that's what I think about Globaltel...they suck ass!!
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Posted by goduke on 2010-06-05:
If, indeed, GlobalTel did tell you not to use a cell phone, then your options are pretty limited. You can probably make an argument of "I wanted to see if it was really true about cell phones, I found out it was, and I want to totally close my account with GlobalTel." You can probably also see if a friend or family member will let you use their land line. I don't think you'll get a lot of juice of trying to use the cell phone, having it not work, insisting upon a credit, and then going through the same cycle over and over. Best of luck.

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