Terrific Pets New Bern NC Complaint - Poorly trained groomers and supervisory staff--falsification of pre-grooming report to customer in effort to get off earlier on a

Review by shewee on 2010-06-05
NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA -- As a new customer, I spoke w/Lindsay @ Terrific Pets New Bern NC & made a grooming appt for my Yorkshire terrier, Benny for a wash, Yorkie style trim, & nails. She told me to "come now," I told her I could be there in 30mins ~3:00. After a heavy thunder shower & slowed traffic on my way there, I called on the way to let her know that my ETA would be 3:15. Lindsay asked "can't we just reschedule this?" I told her that I had gone through a lot of trouble to take off from work & battle the elements while driving to get there 30mins away & would like to stick to the plan if possible.

Upon arrival there, Lindsay's body language was less than welcoming, she then searched Benny for the slightest hair tangle & after finding a loose little tangle a section about 3/4 inch of hair near his collar, not even matted, she claimed "Oh, this will take 30mins to get out." I advised her that I use a comb my self and get it out in 10 seconds. Benny does not have one single mat in his hair because I use a matting tool weekly to maintain his hair.

Due to Lindsay's unrealistic, critical behavior, I told her that it was obvious she didn't want to groom Benny, therefore I was not going to let her touch him with such an attitude, especially after I witnessed another dog in the grooming area that looked like a scalped reminant of a Yorkie. I only wished that I had taken a picture of him to post on the web.

I then asked to speak with the manager, and an older 50-60'ish male employee stated "well I'm the best you're going to get." I then told him the same exact incident mentioned above, and he stated "I'm not a groomer, if she told you that, then that's the way it is." I placed Benny on the counter to show him this supposed "30 minute job," and he would not even look at the minor little tangle or even acknowledge the complaint.

I then asked for "the owner's telephone number." The older male gave me the number. I called and left a message @ 3:38--as expected, no answer and no return call. I also took a picture of Benny's tangle and general "as is" pictures of his hair @ 3:40, timed in my Blackberry--so there could not be any way that I would have had time to comb him out.

I feel that it is highly likely that employees attitudes may be like the apples that don't fall far from the tree.

I will also be taking Benny to Pet Smart tomorrow and will get a written preliminary baseline assessment from an expert groomer due to this incident today at your business, 6/4/10 @ 3:15pm. I will take this complaint, the pictures, and the pre-grooming assessment from Pet Smart to file with the Better Business Bureau and post on the local New Bern internet boards to warn others about what I experienced today.

I dropped my work to take my loving dog to be groomed, and had to deal with a rash of unprofessional BS. This not only wasted my gas, but wasted 2 hours of my time.

Terrific Pets should select better trained employees. At least I'll have Pet Smart when they open in New Bern.
Whew Thank God At least they hire trained, professional groomers.
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Posted by shewee on 2010-06-05:
Same author, just an update! Today, June 5th, the owner from Terrific Pets has still not returned my call as expected...par for the course considering the source!!!!! My Benny has had the best hair wash, cut, style, nails cut and filed, ears cleaned and teeth brushed @ Pet Smart Greenville, NC by Amanda....oh yea....and and after 3pm today (unlike Terrific Pets). His appt was @ 3:30 and I picked him up @ 7:30. I even took pic's through the clear class set-up for my scrap book. The total bill ~65 dollars well spent--+ a nice tip for the most professional groomer, Amanda. I also spent ~60 dollars in store on pet supplies for my other dog & Benny & x2 cats. Total money spent @ Pet Smart today ~$135 dollars. Total money I will ever spend at Terrific Pets New Bern: Zero today or any other day. I will gladly drive the extra miles to go to Pet Smart to receive premium customer service. It's only a matter of time when Terrific Pets in New Bern are put in their place by their competitors, when Pet Smart opens in New Bern------- and that is OUT OF BUSINESS!!!! Word for the wise, in this day's economy, customer service will make or break you...is it really worth it to skimp on training emloyees, which in the long run will ruin your business????????

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