Dick Bigelow Chevrolet Complaint - Dissatisfied - seals on widsheild/gutters

Review by csuhaj on 2010-06-06
PARMA, OHIO -- Lots of rain on memorial weekend flooded my 2006 colbalt, my bf sucked up 5 gals of water from both pass and driver side floor, water was even in my change compartment were the trunk and hood release are. I took it in and Micheal said that it is under warranty and he didn't trust his "grease monkeys" in the back to repair it since they don't do then that often (a hole in the sunroof track that runs down the side to drain out and or in the seal of the windsheild) so they have a specialist to come in and do it and it costs about $100-150. Micheal never told me on the phone that it was an act of nature (birch tree crap in it... no hole just had to blow it out)went to pick up my car and they said the cashier had the keys and paper work. they said its going to be $162.16, I said its under warranty, I'm not paying for it, so they called Micheal and Ryan up and me and my dad had it out with them, they said we told you that it was gonna cost 150. I said you told me it was under warranty and since it was you should be paying for it, they said well it was an act of nature and warrenties don't cover that, funny they didn't tell me that on the phone or I wouldn't agreed to continue. I have ALWAYS been treated fairly, by Ryan, every time I had Micheal my experience was bad
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Posted by Skye on 2010-06-06:
With all that water pouring in, keep an eye on your electrical system. What does your warranty say it will and will not cover?
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2010-06-06:
Also, Dick Bigelow is one of three Cleveland area Chevy dealers (the others being Halleen and Don's Brooklyn) that is trying to get its franchise back...the dealership was on a list of those that were going to close when GM filed for bankruptcy last year. I know that they were appealing to get their Chevy franchise back; whether they were successful remains to be seen. Marhofer in Stow already won their Chevy franchise back.
Posted by Pepper on 2010-06-06:
You might want to check the warranty...

First of all, is the warranty actually with *them* or another company? The other company may have to check the car out for warranty work if it is.

Second... since you said it was nature based (birch tree crap) that cause the original issue... that could be why it's not being covered. I mean if the car had just broken down it would be one thing, but since the flood was caused by external events, the warranty may have a loophole.

Have you considered seeing if the insurance can be used to cover it, in case the warranty cant?
Posted by D. on 2010-06-06:
If he doesn't trust his own guys, and has to have specialists look at it, then he needs to replace those guys with some who know what they're doing.

If you live in the Cleveland area and EVER need any work done on your car, whether it's a big job or a simple one...I can highly recommend a place for you to go. I take my car there all the time, and they will NEVER over charge for their work and they will NEVER do un-necessary work. They always give you the price up front BEFORE they do any work on it and they are the only one's I will ever take my car to. If you want to know the name of the place, send me an IM and I'll give you their address and Phone number. I'll bet if you call and told them you have crap in the track, they would probably have blown it out without charge. They done some small jobs for me without charging. They really are the best. They are a Mom and Pop family owned and operated garage and you can't beat their customer service. They were the ones that told me that my old car was not worth fixing, if they did it would have been about $1200.00, It needed alot of work and they said as much as they'd like the job, the frame was about to fall off and they would rather I used that money towards a new car than to put in to fix the old one and have the frame fall off in a month or two. Then they told me if I bought a used car, to bring it in before I buy it and they would look it all over to make sure there are no problems with it and they wouldn't even charge me...and that's exactly what I did and they didn't charge me.
Posted by D. on 2010-06-06:
I had a BIG issue with Dick Bigelow Chevrolet, same location. False advertisement, bait and switch and I fought with them for three days, I cancled the sale because I caught the salesman AND the manager in so many lies...thanks for the heads up on their auto repair practice. They also told me they were waiting to find out if they were going to be one that gets closed down.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-06-06:
with a starting name like Dick it sounds like a fishy place to me.
Posted by D. on 2010-06-06:
Not to mention the first part of his last name...LOL!
Posted by D. on 2010-06-06:
GenuineNerd...Don Brooklyn's is where I went to get an extra key made for my Equinox, they were very nice. He even oiled my keyhole for me! He said he noticed it was a bit sticky when he tried the new key in it and said because people use the remote car opener, the locks tend to stick or corrode inside and told me to just remember to use the key now and then to keep the lock loose.
Posted by Pepper on 2010-06-06:
wally - at least the name wasn't Deuce. I mean hell i'm pretty sure most of us thought about it. ;-)
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-06-07:
Oh one of my fave movies.

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