Lustine Toyota Woodbridge Virginia Complaint - Do not shop there!!

Review by JQQ on 2004-12-21
WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- Almost two months ago my brand new car was totaled by a teenager and their insurance company rushed me to get a new car. I needed another Hybrid since I live pretty far from work, so I called around to find a Toyota Prius. I called Lustine and they told me that they have one to come rushing before someone else gets it. I had to get all my things from my totaled vehicle and on my way to the body shop the sales man calls me to rush to the dealer because someone else was going to get the car. I told my roommate about it and that got my roommate mad since he saw how quickly they started to play stupid games with us. We arrived at the dealer and after them keeping us for the rest of the afternoon and evening, we got to the table to talk about an offer, we made an offer and they made us wait for around 20 minutes because they were another couple trying to buy the same car and instead of telling us they were going to accept their offer because it was more money that what we offered, they made us wait and wait to finally say "oh we sold it to them". That made me very angry, the should have said it at the beginning and not waste our time. Then they said that another one was coming on Friday to give them a deposit so no one could get that car, we did and then they call us on Friday saying that the car arrived to rush to the dealer because someone else was getting ready to buy it, we were at work and we couldn't leave at that moment and what made us mad was the fact that the purpose of the deposit was for them to hold the car for us so no one else could buy it and besides they had to hold it for a few hours until we got out from work, not for a few days or weeks. We got there, they made us wait and played more games with us and finally they gave us our car after it got dark outside, not the same package we saw ealier, but we took it anyways, next day we noticed that the car had a big dent on the roof and a scratch on the other side, we take the car back and the tried to say that we did it and that as a favor to us the were going to fix it. So the customer service lady said that she was going to call me the next day to schedule an appointment to bring the car in, more than 15 days later I had to call. Another thing was our loan, they knew we were getting a loan with our bank and I was waiting to pay them off since I wanted my car to get fixed first,the finance lady said, "I have to run this by my supervisor and call you back", she never did and they went ahead and process the loan with Toyota without telling us. After all that we had to take a day off from work to drop off the car and have the nerve to ask us if we needed a rental car, and the end of the day we ended with a pick up truck that doesn't allow us to catch the HOV like a hybrid does and we are spending double the amount on gas and they are still fixing our car!!!!! I left several messages on the manager's (Jim Giddings) voice mail, he hasn't returned my calls. They basically don't care for the customers so DON'T waste your time and money there!
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Posted by Mengle on 2009-04-20:
I am the new Senior manager at Lustine Toyota. I have been hired to ensure that we change our culture regarding the customer experience. My name is Mike Engle, and I assure you that I am here to change the way business is being done. For any concerns, please contact me personally at 571-435-0075. I started April 1st and assure you that I will do everything in my power to prevent such experiences from happening in the future. I am a Marine who has not lost his values despite what I do for a living. Thanks for the comments, they are helpful in educating my staff of the publics perception.
Posted by muttnut on 2010-04-30:
Nice words - however - I received a "special one day only invitation" to purchase a new car with nice incentives. It sounded to good so I called to confirm that the incentives applied to the car I wanted. I was assured that they all applied. BIG LIE! I spent two hours there while they explained the fine print (so fine that I didn't see it). Regardless of the phone call - none of the incentives applied as stated. Don't ever give them the key to your car - the keep you captive. The manager came to speak to me also - did not matter what I was promised over the phone or by letter.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-04-30:
Wow...after reading this review I was about to say what kind of a respectable car dealership puts a customer through the runaround like this and thinks they have any chance of staying in business long...but then I see Mike responded. I hope Mike means what he wrote cuz any business that runs like this is headed for closure...and I would think with ALL the problems Toyota is having with recalls right now, the one thing they would be absolutely sure to do right is to not screw a customer over.

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