Crackerbarrel Complaint - Seat To Eat - Precooked Food

Review by 125115 on 2010-06-08
Woodruff Road, SC, will be going precooked food, not fresh made to order in August, for those of you that originally started going there for good country food, the only thing that will not be precooked, is eggs.... The reason for this is get you in and get you out, to make there sales double, they already have shipped in frozen chic and dumplings, mac, rbeef gravy, etc, just for your FYI...
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-06-08:
Excellent information Debbie11. It's sad but true with so many modern day corporate plastic casual dining chains.

That's why I always preach locally owned and operated restaurants although even then too many times you'll end up eating warmed up sysco slop.

American's have lost their appetite for good food is all I can figure.
Posted by RestaurantGuy on 2010-06-09:
I always thought Cracker Barrel's food had always been pre-made not fresh
Posted by adrenaline on 2011-02-08:
This is not true! To get the food out faster, they are using grill weights, changing grill temps and sizes, and utilizing more of their back of house staff during peak periods to ensure fast and efficient food. They are not substituting the quality of the food for the timing!
Posted by jennifer on 2011-05-20:
I can assure everyone out there that cracker barrel is NOT going to premade frozen foods! The gravys soups chx and dumplins biscuits and cornbreads and alot more always has been and always will be MADE FROM SCRATCH multiple times a day. debbie please do not start rumors you do not research first becuase your very very wrong. what adrenaline said is 100% true
Posted by buck2331 on 2011-09-17:
I'll start by saying Cracker Barrel is not good country cooking !! If you enjoy frozen tv dinners this is the place for you ! From the frozen turnip greens, carrots, corn, okra, hushpuppies,country fried steak,country fried chicken,porkchops,catfish,trout,ribeyes,sirloins, roastbeef, hamburger, sugar ham, country ham and about a 100 more items . On the plus side the eggs are fresh unlesbut s you like boiled which comes preboiled in bucket. As the gr avey goes it's a beef base that is also frozen . The biscuits are made from a cheaper form of bisquik. The biscuit mix comes in unlabled but they do use fresh butter milk in the mix. Not my idea of baking from SCRATCH. Do you like jiffy cornbread???? you guessed it. So everytime you vist cracker barrel feel free to smile and say to yourself, I just got screwed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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