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Review by silverhammer on 2010-06-09
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- My car was rightfully towed from the right shoulder of an off ramp by the NHP. I realized it was a danger hazard but couldn't get it towed in time. When I went to the impound yard to retrieve my vehicle with the $400.00 cash required I was told it would be up front in five to ten minutes. Since the care required repair and was therefore not drive-able I then called AAA using my auto-club membership. After ten minutes the car was not out and after 15 I asked why not. I was told they couldn't find the fork lift??? Didn't know they used a fork lift but whatever they use is fine as long as it does not damage. 5 minutes later the AAA vehicle arrives and the my vehicle is still not there. The AAA tells me he can only wait 5 minutes which I understand. 40 minutes has now passed and the girl in the office tells me the guy in the lot cannot find the chain. He tells him their are 9 trucks he could use to pull the car but he wants to know who took his new chain. In the meantime my AAA tow truck leaves with an apology.
5 minutes later (45 minutes after we had paid our money) one of their tow trucks arrive to pull the car at this point I just want to get my car. I tell them just have your guy tow it to my house. We leave and arrive home (19.5 MILES AWAY) in about 25 minutes. An hour goes by no car. 90 minutes later we get a call from the dispatcher who apologizes and tells us that the driver had to stop and get gas. 20 more minutes and no vehicle and I call and she says let me call and find out whats going on and Ill call you back 10 minutes after that the guys calls to tell me hes at the gate. 2 hours to drive 19.5 miles. Cost $130.00.

Make up your own mind whether this seems right or fair.
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Posted by goduke on 2010-06-09:
Nope. Doesn't seem right.
Posted by Keith A. on 2010-10-20:
I am the operations manager for a towing company in Oregon. We are also a AAA contract station. And we tow for all three police agencies: City, County and State.

First, I commend your attitude about being towed by order of the State Police (NHP). You don't even seem to be balking over that price. Even though, I have to admit, it strikes me as a bit excessive....but still...I'm sure they work off of posted & contracted rates just like any other tow company on a police rotation.

Not sure how far they towed it or if there is any storage involved, but for point of reference our typical police rates for a light duty vehicle (car, pickup, suv) would be:

$135 hookup
$5 per mile towed
$20 dispatch fee (rotations list for us are handled by an outside / impartial company)
$25 dollies or flatbed (if required for safe towing)
$30 per day storage

Depending on the agency requesting the tow, some of those rates go up or down by $10 to $20, but you get the idea.

Still, like I said, you don't seem to be complaining about the rates at all.

The issue is the "losing" of your vehicle at the tow yard AND the discussion of using a forklift and finally the retow out to your house.

And THOSE are very valid concerns. To be frank, I am right there with you and completely appalled.

The forklift. First thought thru my mind was our forklift which is an old Marine Corps Pettibone that we use to move scrap vehicles around. And I thought, "Oh my God...NEVER on an impounded car!" But then I remembered that many tow companies have forklifts and they have special attachments for the forks that encapsulate the wheels (called a self-loader) and even some tow trucks have this type of mechanism and so your car can be safely moved around the yard.

Let's assume that THIS is what they were referring to when the forklift was brought up. IF that's the case. No worries there. Standard procedure and your car was probably fine.

However, the long wait for your car is another story. That was horrible customer service especially since you paid your tow bill (and no small one at that) with what appears to be a "smile". In other words, no complaints. It is what it is.

Side note: The cash only part is pretty common for what we call "non-consent" tows such as yours. In other words, you didn't request the tow. You weren't there. The police had it towed and as such, the fees were higher and well.....the tow company doesn't want to risk bounced checks or credit card charge backs on "non-consent" tows. So cash is pretty standard too for this type of situation.

The mention of a chain?

I can only surmise that since they couldn't find the forklift (how do you misplace one of those?) the lot attendant just wanted to "pull" your car out.

Again, if the AAA driver was there, why didn't they just let him in to get your car and hook it up IN the yard?

It's what we would have done.

And with 9 other tow trucks available, you waiting, the AAA driver waiting....the lack of customer service provided by this company is nothing short of black eye on our industry. I'm ashamed.

Now, the one thing with the AAA driver is that he should have waited 10 minutes. Not a big deal, but technically, the time limit for waiting on a customer to show up, provide keys or put on their make-up (ha,ha) is 10 minutes before they can request a "dry run" in our parlance.

But neither here nor there, your AAA driver needed to move on to his next call. Totally understandable.

And now the "retow" out to your house. Again, you must have more money that God to agree to this. (Just kidding).

I'm in the business and by now, I would have been so upset that I would have demanded they get my car out there and then used the AAA. You are a very patient individual and at this point...very accommodating.

To be honest, if all this had happened at our company....the mix-up with getting your car out, the retow by AAA (even though we do AAA towing and would have done if for you) the very least, I would have authorized a driver to retow it to your house NO CHARGE.

Well...a 20 mile tow is pushing it for a complete no charge....but even still. After all the mix-ups? Yeah...I would would have done it.

And I say that because I've done it before. We tow an abandoned. The customer comes in, pays the full rate (like you) and doesn't have AAA or any other roadside coverage so I say, "Tell you what...we'll just retow that out to your house or XYZ shop...NO CHARGE!"

Wow...what a way to make a customer for life! New concept, huh?

Anyway, I can find no redeeming thing in the way this company handled your situation. Okay, so the dispatcher seemed apologetic and they called you. But still....this is nothing short of embarrassing.

I commend NikkiAshley for her views....and if there is more to this story and you haven't been 100% honest in your facts....then I recant everything I've said.

However, I've read a few of these complaints now and yours is not only well written, it also doesn't strike me as that "off the wall". I honestly have no reason to not believe everything you told us.

As such, I stand firm that this is nothing more than a black eye to our industry and I apologize for the actions of my colleagues in Nevada.

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