South Bay Mercedes Benz Automobile Sales and Service Complaint - Worst Mercedes Benz Dealership

Review by Lee T on 2010-06-10
TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA -- My nominee for worst dealership is South Bay Mercedes in Torrance, CA. I have always owned Mercedes autos, but because of them, I now own an Audi. When my after market blue tooth wouldn't work, they told me that I should call the company who installed it to get it fixed. I told them that I paid Mercedes for it. They told me that they weren't responsible. They wouldn't make the call or even tell me who the company was. They told me to go look at the paperwork I got with the car. They sold me windshield insurance, which I thought was a waste, but they promised to replace the windshield if anything happens. Well, I got a crack in the windshield. They repaired it with what looked like crazy glue. I probably could have bought a tube for $2 and did it myself. I told them it looked like crap and what happened to that promise of a windshield replacement. Of course they gave me some double talk.
Well, on Feb 26 the car was totaled. Since April 1, I have been trying to get the extended warranty refund. I delivered all the necessary papers to them and all I have gotten is the run around. Finally I got the Finance Manager on the phone 2 days ago who explained to me that she doesn't have computer access to the ACH account where Mercedes wires the funds. Get this- only one clerk has access to this top secret info and of course she left for the day. So, she'll send her an email and have her absolutely, positively call me in the morning. Of course I never hear from her. So I call Mercedes Benz Customer No Service and tell them the story. They promise that it will take them 24 hours to check this out because, guess what, the customer no service representative doesn't have access to the secret ACH account either. I tell him I want to know the date that the funds were wired to MB South Bay and how much they were. Of course no one can tell me the secret number either, because it is based on the miles on the car and how many services you used and there is a special secret department that does the calculations.
Did Mercedes Benz Customer No Service call me back? Not on your life. I called them tonight and they told me that they were in meetings all day. Yes they are that important that instead of taking care of customers they attend meetings. But they are absolutely, positively going to call me tomorrow.
Did I mention that I now own an Audi???

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