RoomStore Complaint - Horrible Experience for 2 months

Review by NIBsmf on 2010-06-11
I guess it's true that "You get what you pay for". I figured RoomStore wasn't the cheapest of the furniture places but was still on the more affordable end and seemed to be okay quality. I ordered a dining table and chairs and a 7-piece bedroom set (dresser with mirror, chest, night stand, and bed frame with headboard/footboard/rails). It arrived pretty quickly, which was the day after I moved into a new apartment. The dining set is very pretty but has marks on it here and there, but it's not so damaged it bothers me. Most of the bedroom set seems to be okay quality and looks very nice. My main problem is the bed frame. The day it was delivered (and it was delivered an hour and a half past the "window time" they gave me), the delivery guys were putting it together and realized they didn't have all the right screws (it came with a bag of the needed ones). They told me there was nothing to be done that day since it was now after 5pm and thus customer service was closed. They told me to call back the next day and I would be told how to proceed. When I called, I was told that they would send the screws to me in the mail. Once I got them in the mail, they said to call them back for a technician to come and put it together. At this point, I was not bitter and happily said okay. Two weeks later, I still hadn't seen the screws in the mail, so I called back. To my surprise, I was told that they had to special order the screws and that I should have been told that it could take up to 4 weeks to get in the mail. Well, at the 5 week point, I called back again and said I hadn't seen them. The man on the phone was nice enough to send me a package of screws immediately after I described the situation and the type of screws (since I had some of the right ones in the original bag). I got those in the mail in about 2 days, but they were the wrong ones. I called back to say they were the wrong ones, and they finally decided to call where they special ordered them from and told me it would be in my mail soon. So finally after about 2 months of waiting, I got the right screws in the mail. Now, let me back up a little and say that while I was waiting all this time for the screws, I noticed that the bed frame looked completely warped. My dad came over a few days after I received the furniture and confirmed this. I let RoomStore know about this in the 2nd call I made, and their response was just "We'll have the technician look at it and determine if it needs to be replaced once you get the screws". So, when the technician finally came after I got the right screws, this was his reaction: "This is a joke! This is warped beyond any repair." And he was baffled at how they could let a customer go 2 months without a bed frame. After all, I've been sleeping with my mattress and box spring on the floor this whole time. So, the technician took pictures and sent them to RoomStore. I got a call 2 days later from RoomStore, asking when I want them to deliver my replacement. I told them I just want my money back because this has been a horrible experience. They refuse to give my money back. They claim that I had to either refuse the bed frame upon receiving it if it was warped or I had to tell them within 48 hours. Meanwhile, no where on the 2 receipts they gave me does it say this. When I told the woman on the phone this, her response was "They should have given you a pamphlet when it was delivered". They didn't, but apparently it's my problem that they didn't, and no matter what I'm being told that I cannot have my money back for their warped product. Within this story, I have various smaller complaints about how this is being handled, but this is the gist of it. I am telling everyone I know to not use this company, and believe me, I'm not the type to complain about a company. Normally when I have a problem with a company, they take care of it and give me some sort of satisfaction in the end. But not RoomStore. This is the first company I am openly going to tell people not to use. Bottom line. Their motto of "We don't cut corners" is hilarious to me. So please, do yourself a favor and don't buy from them.

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