Review by DogWithoutSlippers on 2010-06-12
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- Last year, April I purchased a 5 PC Dana Point Outdoor Patio set (table & 4 chairs). May I was sitting out there in 75 degree pleasant weather, reading. After a while I entered my kitchen through sliding glass doors to get a drink. Simultaneously I heard a big crash and saw the top of the table lift up shattering about a foot in the air. Fortunately I was not seated there. At first I was sloughed off by Home Depot, but persevering I got a manager. They sent me a new table. In the meantime I'd made a table top out off 3/4 inch ply which I covered with a nice vinyl tablecloth. So I left the new one that was sent in the box. This year I set up the new one in early May. This time my Lady friend was seated at the table reading and the top exploded again. Causing some cuts and nicks to her inside forearms and bisects, also some on her ankles and legs (was wearing shorts). This time Home Depot facilitated in getting me the skew and date of sale info and the manufacturer - BJI, INC - LOUISVILLE, KY. I spoke with them and they were in denial (I mean how coincidental - 2 times!), and furthermore refused me any consideration like a new table other than the Dana Point!!! They should be grateful that there were no eye injuries or any to children! This product has incidentally been taken off the company's (BJI, INC) roster and off Home Depots patio furniture for sale listing. What I am trying to saw is that this product is defective and this company deserves to go out of business!!!
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Posted by madconsumer on 2010-06-12:
good thing about safety glass is, it is designed to break into small squares with very few sharp edges.

this is weird to say the least.
Posted by Starlord on 2010-06-12:
Tempered glass, which is usually used in applications such as this, has properties that are both it's strength and it's weakness. Tempering sets up internal stresses that give it it's strwength, but should the glass have even a miocroscopic scratch, uneven heating can cause it to break into it's characteristic crumbles. I do hope your lady friend is okay. I do have one small problem with your desctiption. I have never seen tempered glass jump a foot in the air when it breaks. It just suddenly breaks in place and falls. As a former ambulance attendant, I broke many car windows, also tempered glass, to extricate accident victims. Using a spring-loaded center punch, the glass just fell out of the frame. No shattering and flying around as when a baton is used. If two units failed, then I submit that there was a manufacturing problem and you should have been compensated.
Posted by ConnecticutMother on 2012-07-16:
I also saw my table jump a foot in the air and explode. It was the strangest thing I have ever seen. Pieces of glass flew more than 20 feet from the table. Other pieces of glass were embedded in the chairs. I pulled pieces of glass out of my legs and torso. I am glad no one was sitting at the table.

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