Bally's Atlantic City Complaint - Bally's If You Like Noise, Odors, Filth, Misdirecting Signs, & The Claridge Stay Here!

Review by HRHKINGJOE on 2010-06-13
ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY -- If you want a fun vacation DON’T STAY HERE!!!!

Lets go over what was wrong.

First I made reservations for BALLYS. So how did I check in at BALLYS & end up in a room at the CLARIDGE which is a DIFFERENT & VERY MUCH OLDER Hotel????? Well nobody at check in or at any time told me I was in a different hotel I found out when I tried to find my room & a guard saw my room & said “Oh thats in the the Claridge that way”. Also signs need to be made much clearer as 1 sign will tell you go in 1 direction & when you get there you see another sign pointing in the Other Direction!

Then I get up to the room & am so pleased to see SPECIAL WHITE STAINS on the bedding. Also have to mention what looks like Gum (I did say Gum) stains on the carpet!

Now I could knock housekeeping as the room wasn’t up to snuff but we do know for the most part they are overworked & underpaid so I won't really knock them (Except for the part that don’t leave your room before 10 am if you are not checking out as you will be asked 3 times by 3 maids “ARE YOU LEAVING” & even after you tell the 1st one NO the other 2 still ask again)!

Then if you don’t like toxic odors don’t accidently put the heat on as toxic odors spilled from the vent! Also the rooms need Air as the air is stale (Yes that is hard in a hotel but it’s a fact).

If you like peace & quiet DON’T STAY HERE. Bad enough the ice machine right outside the room is so loud you will be woken up every time someone gets ice in the middle of the night.
But I did not know I was in a CONSTRUCTION ZONE! Yes there was heavy construction in the room next door & the workers were oh so kind enough to blast the radio while working so don’t even think of a midday nap!

Also the 15 minute wait for an elevator was fun!

Then we go to eat at Ballys 6IX Restaurant. We get seated quick & find 4 placesettings ALL FILTHY! Sorry but when ALL 4 Placesettings have dried food on the knives & forks thats a warning to GET OUT OF THERE ASAP!

Plus thanks to Lea who checked us out who when told of all this said “sorry they didn't tell you about the construction when you checked in they were supposed to” GEE THANKS! All the problems including CUM STAINED BEDDING & thats all the response I get??????

Funny Tropicana had problems with bedbugs & had cleaner rooms than this!

Nothing to do with the hotel but BALLYS GAMBLERS BEWARE. The Roulette Slot Machines only pay 32-1 on a straight hit (35-1 normal pays) & 16-1 on a split (17 or 17.5-1) CAN YOU SAY JIP??????????
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Posted by Skye on 2010-06-13:
OP, I'm sorry, but that made me chuckle. You didn't know where you were, when you checked in? When you gave your reservation number to clerk at the front desk, were they able to call it up? How were they supposed to know, you were in the wrong hotel.

I've stayed in Atlantic City many times. Spent a week there once for New Years, and had a great time. No matter what hotel you stay in, there is never total peace and quiet. The rooms are not sound proof. And there will be people at all hours of the night, walking up and down the halls since the casino is open 2407.

As for the room, could you have asked for another room, after the fiasco you described? Toxic smells, ice machine noise, etc. One thing that they should of told you was about the construction, which they cannont control, but should have the courtesy to inform guests. I guess they figure if they told everyone arriving, nobody would stay there.

Posted by DCGirl on 2010-06-14:
Bally's took over the Claridge in about 2002, and TripAdvisor, for example, lists the name of the hotel as Bally's Atlantic City and Claridge Tower. On the hotel's website, the description of some rooms indicates that they were in the Claridge Tower portion of the property. So, a minimal amount of googling would have let you know what you were in for.

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