New World Movers Complaint - BEWARE of this company! It's a total SCAM!

Review by alex_ on 2010-06-15

My boyfriend and I had 2 days from HELL working with them.
We were moving from West New York, NJ - to the same city.

Here's what we had to move:
a king size mattress + spring box
a wooden desk + office chair
a 32" TV + small wooden TV stand
a 3-seat sofa
a 5 drawer dresser
a 6 drawer dresser
1 lamp
10 boxes with clother/books, etc.

When we decided to move out I got quotes from several moving companies. New World Movers offered me the cheapest one. I guess YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Their representative that I worked with is named Mayra.
I got quoted "1 truck and three men at $75 per hour."
I e-mailed her asking "Do you have any other charges that should know of?" and her response to my e-mail was: "Only other thing we charge for is packing materials if you need them."

Our move was to take place on the 19th of August, 2009.
On the day of the move 3 movers are supposed to show up at my door at 10 A.M.
It's 11 am - no movers. I call Mayra to check if they are coming soon. There is no apology or explanation of any kind as to why they are behind schedule. I am told that they are "running late" and that I "will have someone come within 30 minutes."
At 12 pm there are still no movers. I call the company again - but Ms. Mayra "can't talk to me right now."
At 12:15 I get a call from another representative. "The movers are having a problem with the truck" and will come at 2 P.M. Again, no apology of any kind. The woman on the phone said she is calling me "just to let me know so that I don't wait around." How RUDE is that?!
2:00 - still no movers.
2:10 - I call Mayra. She sounds very surprised. At this point I remind her that we can't move in anything in our new building after 5 P.M. It is their policy that all moves (in and out) should be done ebtween 9 A.M. and 5 P.M. I tell her that and ask if we need to reschedule. She tells me that "they are already on their way and should be in our apartment in 20 mintues."
2:30 - no movers.
2:35 - I get a call from someone about directions to where we live.
2:50 - the movers finally show up - 4 hours and 50 minutes late!
It's 5 people rather than 3. And I'll tell you why: they are short, skinny guys who speak little English and look like they don't know what the hell they are doing.
I tell their foreman that they are late and that our new building has a "before 5 P.M. policy." At this point I am not giving them a hard time or anything. I use my nicest voice and have an extremely positive attitude.
The foreman looks me up and down and tells me that "he wasn't even supposed to be there" and that he just got a call to come to our place. He even has the audacity to ask me if I booked the move the day before?!?! I BOOKED IT MORE THAN 3 WEEKS IN ADVANCE.
The foreman's acting like I am lucky to have him move us out. What a joke! I get told that if we are unwilling to move on the same day, we will get charged $150 to reschedule.
Next, my boyfriend gets rushed through some documents and is asked for signatures here and there. We never get a copy for our records. We never even get asked if we want certain things wrapped or not.

Here is where THE TERROR STARTS:

3:40 P.M. - Everything is packed and moved to their truck. We are now told that we have to pay over $1000 - THEY WANT ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS?!

I call their office and ask for Mayra. Guess what? - "She already left for the day." I speak to some other woman who says that she knows nothing. She repeats "I understand" like 10 times in a row. She's hopeless. She tells me that "every case is different" and that I need to call back the next day

Back to the foreman. He tell us that we are going to be CHARGED EXTRA for the following:
1. "Elevator use" - $200 ?! I ask if they would have rather taken the stairs. He says that it would have cost additional $100 if they did so.
2. "Walking Distance over 75 feet." - $200 ?! Apparently they walked too much from our appartment to the elevator. And we are asked to pay for that "luxury".
3. "Tips" are included - 20% ?! I wonder if they are dillusional? Tips are given for excellent service. 20 % tips are given for exceptional service.
4. "Packing Materials" - $250 - for old scratched blankets that they are going to take back with them; and a couple of tape rolls ($20 each)
5. "Five men and a truck" - I insisted that I only asked for 3 men, but the foreman wouldn't listen to me.

We are told that if we don't pay, our things will be taken to storage. (Read: they are gonna technically STEAL our things.)
The foreman also said that we'd have to pay for the storage. And if we refused to do so, they will sell all of our belongings. At this point I am terrified. We call their manager - somebody named Adam. He screams to me on the phone that I need to pay in full before the movers go ahead and deliver our things to the new address. I tell him about my agreement with Mayra and he sais that he doesn't know such a person?!
Adam also cursed at us... and even hang up the phone?! What kind of a manager really does that.
I called the police and we waited for them to show up. I can't say that the movers or Adam cared much about the fact. This shows that they've been through the same thing before. I tried to rush them, because it's now 4:10 pm. The movers agreed to at least move our bed in the new building. They showed up at the new location at 4:50 pm. They claimed that they "don't have a GPS and got lost." For God's sake, it's just up the street from where we were. It's no more than 5 minutes with car. Yet it took them 40 minutes. I was told that I'd have to pay for that as well. Of course our new building's staff would not let us move in at that time. The foreman calculates that we'd have to pay them $150 for overnight storage.

There was a huge scandal in front of the building as he screamed at us and demanded that we pay him in cash. He threatened to leave with our things. And he did.
We ended up sleeping on the floor that night.

On the next day the movers showed up knocking on our door at 8:20 am.
They "agreed" to remove some of the charges. However, they refused to deliver our sofa.

We still ended up paying a lot more than what we were quoted - about $960 in total.

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