NTB Complaint - They Lie like kids!!!

Review by Squekey on 2010-06-15
STERLING, VIRGINIA -- On May 12th, 2010 I drove my 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited to NTB from a Firestone Service Center less than a quarter mile away. Firestone was not able to fix it and so we spoke to a gentleman named Leon (Service Advisor) about the problem. As always I inspect my vehicle for damage prior to dropping off and picking up my vehicles from past problems. So we left it there and we were told by Leon that he would get back to us later that night or before 12pm on the 13th of May 2010. I waited to around 130pm the next day and still did not hear back. I called back and spoke to Leon again. He stated they have not found anything and he would get back to me. I waited and waited and finally called back the next day. At this point the next person I spoke to was Joe. I am not sure what his position is there. I told him that I have to keep calling because no one is letting me know what is going on. He apologizes and seems like a good guy. So he tells me he will look into it a
nd let me know whats happening. Joe finally calls me back and tells me they have been working on it and they believe it has something to do with the alarm system. That was it till later on. I received another call and was told by Joe that there was a problem getting the car started now. So I told Joe I would come up to see if I could get it started because we do not use the remote for the alarm. My father and I get up there and the locks do not lock and the engine won\'t start. Pretty disappointed at this point I told Joe the locks would not lock and the engine won\'t start as it did when I drove it there. Joe stated something may not be hooked up right now. So my father and I leave and I wait for another call. Finally I get a call from Joe again. They are replacing all kinds of parts to see what the problem is. Nothing seems to fix it. Crankshaft sensor replaced because it went out. Finally that next week Joe says they have exhausted everything to fix it. So my father and I
go up to the Jeep Service Center in Tysons, VA and speak to (Tyson Hall) 703-356-0400 he we tell the problem and he states to go ahead and have it towed up here today so they can take a look at it. We go back to NTB and find Joe and tell him we will go ahead and take it off his hands and give Jeep a try. So we go take a look at the Jeep and I immediately notice a dent on the fron left drivers side fender. They had backed the car into the bay so the front was visible. I asked Joe how this happened. He said what? I stated the damage to the fender. He had a blank look on his face because maybe he didn't know. But the fact is it was not there before. So I immediately started to inspect the rest of the vehicle. I then noticed the right passenger side inner fender was scratched severely. I have pictures. They asked the man who worked on the car if he knew how this happened. I already knew the answer before it came out of his mouth...\"No.\" So my father and I argued about this f
or awhile. The damage was brand new. I took pics because we live close and it rained very heavy that week and noticed my Jeep sitting outside all day. These points would have rusted by then because it was down to the metal. Not even and indication that water was on it. It was new damage they caused. So Joe said he would contact his insurance (Gallagher Bassett Services). At that point I told Joe that I would not take my Jeep til I heard what they plan on doing with it. Jeep did not want it because NTB might say they did it. Finally I heard from a man named \"Mark Parrott\" from Gallagher who asked me what happened. I told him and he said he would get back to me. Still nothing. So I called to see what was going at NTB and Joe told me they insurance guy would come by this week and look at it. He finally came by per Mark Parrott on May 28th to look at it. Mark said he would call me back the next week. He never did. I called back on the 26th and I asked what is going on. He said
he sent it out and he would call me back. Still no call. Car has now been there since May 12th 2010. Finally on 06/09/2010 I had to call Gallagher Bassett (954-378-5300) and ask for a Mark Parrotts supervisor (Larry Babor)at ext 316. I was told he was on the phone and could not speak. I said I would call back the next day 06/10/2010. I called back around 1215pm on the 10th and his voicemail stated he would not be in the office till 06/14/2010. If I needed to speak to someone I could contact Richard at ext. 311. So I did. I contacted Richard and told him my problem. He looked up the file and said that the claim had been denied earlier. I said why didn't someone call me? He did not know. He stated NTB says they did not do it. I said that is it? He apologized and said we are their client and we have to go by what NTB says. I was angry. I thanked him and hungup........ May 12th, 2010 I drove my car with working locks, engine running and no damage. 06/10/2010 broken locks, engi
ne won\'t start and damaged front fenders.
Damage Resulting = Loss of wages, 426.07 thus far spent on rentals, we would have to pay a deductible of 500.00 for our insurance company to get involved. Increase in rate. I have to walk my son to school in rain and bad weather. Loss of my Armed certificate through DCJS. They still have my car. No plans to do anything with it. No contact. Stress with my family and parents because they have been helping get us around. All NTB can say is "we didn't do it" My family now cannot afford to fix the damage that NTB has caused. We are suffering at their hands. All we wanted was to get the engine looked at.

UPDATE: Received a call from Cory stating that now I owe them money for and Oil Pump. They stated (lied) and said I asked them to install it and would pay for it. Now why would I do that if they cannot even tell me the diagnosis after a month!!! Cory stated that management say a consumer report online that I filed. Now they want to try and punish me and make me pay for something I did not give permission to install and charge. No paperwork signed stating that. So here we go again. Everything above and more. I am not saying that they cannot fix cars, but God have mercy if they can't and you have your car there longer than a week. You will pay dearly. I asked Cory why no one in management has the nuts to call me themselves still? I want to have all of us sit and discus this. When someone says I did something I did not do, I have no problem meeting them and sitting down to resolve it like men. Stop sending others to do your work. Dents, Broken Locks, Trying to get money now out of pocket for spite. Terrible business. Its just a damn Jeep and you can't even fix it, just make things worse. I asked Cory if he could have management contact me directly. Lets see if they do. Lets talk, end it and move the f on!

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