Back to Bed Complaint - Professional Con Artists and Liars

Review by chiboyrobb on 2010-06-16
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- My partner and I had decided to finally buy a new mattress and we already knew the one we wanted at Back to Bed in Lincoln Park in Chicago. We went there during their Memorial Day sale, with a flier in hand that had a price, a 20% off coupon, advertised free delivery and 4 yr. 0% interest financing.

We were helped by a salesman who seemed nice enough. We had a little confusion at first about whether the box spring came with the mattress or not, but we finally said okay, we want the set and gave him the 20% off coupon. He gave us a price of about $800 and we were happy. He even said he'd give us free sales tax because the store was busy.

It all got shady and slimy from here. In fact, it was like playing a shell game con.

Our salesman handed us off to the "manager". He started ringing us up and I had a feeling that this was going to become shady...just gut instinct. Sure enough, they tried to give us the mattress only, no box spring for the stated price. I corrected this and they said "oh it was just a miscommunication". Yeah, right. As it would turn out this was the entire game. Move us from one person to the next, each person would try to scam us in some way, and if I caught them they'd say it was just a mistake.

Next they told us delivery was $50. We said the flier showed free delivery and they said that was only over $1,000 and since we used the coupon that wasn't valid. Exasperated we agreed. Next they gave us a total that was $100 more than the original quote. When we pointed this out and said we had the 20% off coupon, a "VP" in the store said that coupon was included in the price on the mattress and that our salesman had made a mistake. So now we're up $150 more than where we started. We should have walked away but we just wanted the damn thing at this point.

But wait there's more. They told us we couldn't have the 4 yr 0% financing because that was for purchases over $4,000. Now let me point out that NONE of these specifications were shown on the flier we had, not even in the fine print and, in an act I found hilarious, one of them realized that (out loud) and promptly took the flier away from me...destroying the evidence.

When we finally got 1 yr financing, put down 10% and got the final receipt, the third guy handling our transaction forgot to credit us the 10% downpayment and we had to go back and get that. And finally, to make this a complete joke halfway home we discovered they charged us the sales tax they promised to pay as well.

I've called and written the company and they've ignored me completely. This place is a total scam from beginning to end and I will never, ever, ever set foot in one of their stores again. As we were leaving we even heard a sales guy more or less threatening a couple because they'd "wasted an hour" of his time and weren't planning to buy after all.

I've filed complaints with the BBB and I'm contacting the Illinois Attorney General as well. Stay away from Back to Bed.
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Posted by MDSasquatch on 2010-06-16:
They lied, scammed, changed terms, changed deals, tried to short you a box spring, didn't honor discounts, etc.....

You bought anyway, this is the exact reason they don't change their tactics; why didn't you just walk away? surely you could have found another store selling mattresses?

I hope delivery goes well and you enjoy your mattress. My only advice is to be sure you pay it off before the 0% interest period expires or you may get taken again for a large finance charge.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-06-16:
Why would you buy the bed if they were being deceptive to you?. I would of walked away and taken my business elsewhere.
Posted by chiboyrobb on 2010-06-17:
Good question. Simply put at first we really weren't sure we were being scammed. By the time we really saw what was going on our credit had been run and approved and we didn't want to do this again elsewhere. But most importantly a big chunk of the scam came after we had signed and put in our downpaymeny and we were committed. I'll grant them they're good at their game. They had us doubting ourselves most of the transaction which is how a good con works

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