Southside Medical Center, Inc. Complaint - Unfair/Discriminatory treatment

Review by aceya@hotmail.com on 2001-09-17
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Due to the actions taken by one of your past interim directors, Ms. Joyce Heron, who was employed by Southside Treatment Center, I am compelled to write this letter only because other remedies have so far failed or been denied.

The details of this incident are as follows;
After asking Ms. Heron about the reason(s) for a sudden 100% increase in dosing fees I feel that she [Ms. Heron] took it as a personal affront to her dignity that I, a common drug addict, would have the audacity to question anything that she says! I feel that as a result of my inquiry I became a victim of her retribution and as such I was treated unfairly and discriminated against due to the fact that on three seperate occasions all of my "take home" (6) medications were revoked at once without any advance warning letter(s) or other type of notice. Your very own rule book and the Federal guidelines clearly states that this is NOT the way that such things are to be done.
Incidentially, I have the documents to support the above claims just in case you may want to peruse them.
Since I have it in writing from Ms. Heron's successor that he (Mr. Richard Maynor) agreed that I was indeed treated unfairly and furthermore that he intended to "set things right", although he never did, I'm willing to give your company this one last chance to do the right thing by re-admitting me to your drug treatment program and by restoring my take home medication priveledges both immediately and fully.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
Comments:2 Replies - Latest reply on 2002-04-11
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-02-08:
Aww poor crack head got treated unfairly? Poor baby! No one forced you to start taking crack it is NOT a diease it IS a choice! Pay for your own treatment and stop expecting those of us smart enough not to do illegal drugs to pay for it!
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-04-11:
what a compassionate comment from the previous reviewer! I'd rather have the "crack-head" (an assumption since the consumer did not mention crack) for a friend than the nasty libertarian reviewer.

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