Hot & Juicy Crawfish Complaint - Good Food Poor Service

Review by Elsie B on 2010-06-18
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I'm a big fan and always spoke above and beyond about the awesome food that they serve here. I usually come to eat about 2-3x a month and never had an issue with the service until last nights horrible experience with the servers/workers.

So several of my friends and I decided to hit up the place after a pool concert for a quick fix of Hot N Juicy shrimp. We walk in 5 minutes before they close and was promptly greeted by our server who ended up later giving us a really bad attitude. But before I get ahead of myself, she initially tells us that we have 2 minutes to put in our order. Because we come there very often we knew what we wanted and did not hesitate to waste time and gave her our order. We ordered 4lbs of shrimp, Louisiana Style, plain with extra spicy Hot N Juicy Sauce on the side along with some lemons and salt and pepper. The same way we order it every time. We had also ordered 1/2 a dozen of chicken wings.

Not more than five minutes later we get our order, but not how we had ordered specifically. The extra spicy hot and juicy sauce had come all mixed in with the 4lbs of shrimp that we ordered making it very spicy, painful to the mouth, and unenjoyable. But because we walked in prior to closing, we did not want to hassle the kitchen and waiter to remake our food. Instead we asked our waiter for some extra hot butter to help balance out the spiciness in our food. Our waiter stated that the kitchen was closed and that there was nothing that she could do. So I had asked politely to speak to a manager. But our waiter told me that there was no manager available. We then asked her if there anything that she can do to make our food less spicy and more enjoyable but she still persisted that there was nothing that she could do and that the kitchen was closed. Regretfully, I was upset and had belittled her in front of my friends using inappropriate language. If our waiter knew the kitchen couldn't fully accommodate our needs she should have never sat us down to eat.

After getting no response or help from our waiter, we began to remove ourselves from the table and left the mostly untouched food on the table and headed towards the door. We had barely eaten any food because of how spicy it was. We were then greeted and cussed out by a who claimed to be a manager. He threatened that he would remember us and told us to "f*** off". And I'm sorry to say that he received the same treatment back. Shortly after another guy who also claimed to be the manager tried to listen to the situation and made us believe that he had understood what went wrong. He stated that he would have this issue taken care of with another manager the following day and we gave him our contact information for them to contact us. He shortly after sent us on our way.

Since we were still oh so hungry we went across the street to eat some Pho. Five minutes into eating, Las Vegas Metro Police walks in stating that the Hot N Juicy staff claimed that we dined in and ran off with our tab unpaid. We ended up being forced to pay for food we didn't order and eat.

I've left a message on the answering machine and even wrote a letter to management regarding what had happened but still no response. My friends and I have written a review on Yelp and got messages from one of the employees calling my friend a "stupid b****" (btw she did say she was an employee). Really poor attitude. What sucks is that I really really love the food and would love to go back to eat. What a way to lose business Hot N Juicy. there. It just sucks!
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Posted by Slimjim on 2010-06-18:
"Regretfully, I was upset and had belittled her in front of my friends using inappropriate language."
Once you engaged in that activity though, justified or not, the notion of them trying to satisfy you goes out the window. You can't get into a situation like that with a business, then complain they wouldn't work with you afterwards. The whole situation is past the point of controlling once exchanges like that begin.
Nothing technically wrong with showing up 5 minutes before closing, but in most cases one needs to know going in, the staff really doesn't want another customer at that point. Fuses will be short, and skipping out on the bill didn't help.
Posted by momsey on 2010-06-18:
You did order the food, though. It just didn't come out exactly as you wanted. And it was "mostly untouched" so it seems like you did eat some of it. I would think that had you not belittled the employee in front of your friends, they might have refunded your money. Sounds like you were a jerk all around, and they responded by calling the cops on you when you didn't pay for your meal.

As SlimJim said, it's not wrong to order food 5 minutes before closing, but there will be some limitations on what you can get.

Haven't you ever seen "Waiting"?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-06-18:
H&J (1)
Rude and grandiose customer (0)

I love happy endings!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-06-18:
lakisha> +10 (-100 for LA)

Often times customers misinterpret the signs that indicate when a store/restaurant closes. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have until that time to order your meal, or grab a shopping cart. That is when the store would like to shut the lights off and start closing it down for the night. So if a store closes at 10:00pm, they would theoretically like to have all customers out by 10:00pm. My family and I always take this into consideration when dining out. While we're eating, we look at the clock and say, "Better hurry, it's getting near closing time". People who try and sneak in at the last possible minute are usually snide and their actions speak volumes about what type of person they are outside of the establishment as well.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-06-18:
Agreed Justice4All> +50 and 50 more for Boston.
Posted by Elsie B on 2010-06-18:
I really appreciate your views but before we left we had been apologetic and thought that everything was settled. I guess we were kind of confused as to why they would call the cops after the fact that they had let us go on our way. But then again, my friends and I did not ask or were not presented with a bill.

I understand that it had gone all wrong after I had belittled her and I shouldn't have. But to be told they cant do anything for us after initially asking politely and telling them how unhappy we were with our food is really frustrating. She didn't even bother to ask the kitchen staff for some butter but instead was quick to deny us some. Later, we were told that they could have accomodated butter.

Posted by madconsumer on 2010-06-18:
thank you telling your story elsie B. glad you did the right thing by being apologetic.
Posted by Starlord on 2010-06-21:
Maybe I was just raised differently from you. But my mama always told me that if you enter a restaurant, especially, and are told you only have a few minutes to order, you don't ask for five or six pounds of food prepared a certain way. I worked in restaurants after leaving high school, and if you had come in at five minutes to closing with an order like you described, the howls of laughter from the kitchen should have told you that you were not going to get it your way. As for being apologetic, one 'Attagirl' for you, however, that was far more than wiped out by your berating the waitress, who was not the cause of your troubles. One 'Aww, cr@p!' cancels ten thousand attaboys or attagirls. If you walked out without paying for food you actually DID order, regardless of your opinion, you were guilty of defrauding an innkeeper.
Posted by sweetay on 2010-08-05:
Wow. You are whining about what happened and all I see from you, admittedly, and your friends is NO CLASS, NO CLASS, NO CLASS...The only person that should be crying is the staff you "belittled".
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-05:
Something finally happened in Vegas that didn't stay in Vegas.

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