Mary's Pizza Shack Complaint - They took away my free meal card !

Review by *Kid7 on 2010-06-20
SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA -- The company gave away free food cards. You visit 10 times and spend over 10 dollars each visit and your free food card is punched. For every 5th visit, your meal is free - if you spend 10 dollars. So The fifth visit I give them my card(free meal right?). My friend was with me and she had her card as well. Except her card was not her 5th visit. The cashier took both of our cards and gave my friend the free meal. I corrected them and pointed out that I had the free meal coming. They said I did not spend at least 10 dollars to use my card. I told them they used my card on my friend and to reconfigure the pricing and We'll pay full price and I get my card back for the next time I will get a free meal. They told me that they processed my card, somewheres that did not make sense, and said for me to just remind them next time. I had them to give it to me in writing that they would honor the agreement.
Well the next time I showed up and before I ordered anything, I asked if they had remembered what they did to me(?). As it turns out they screwed me over and did not honor the agreement. I had a free meal coming and all they wanted to do was punch two day ahead on my friends card as they were not handing out anymore cards. I told them what does that have to do with anything when they made the mistake of taking away my chance of getting a free meal and my proof was on the card which they failed to return to me in the first place.
The manager there took my contact information and told me that he'd clear it up that evening. Well Thier not talking to me, nobody is fessing up. I was jipped into spending over 10 dollars for each visit for a free meal I should have received through their promotional card and they are not answering for THIER MISTAKE.
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Posted by Helpful on 2010-06-20:
It sounds like Mary's is a place to avoid. That's too bad, but with the economy being as bad as it is, there are a lot of other pizza places out there that will take our money and provide good customer service.

I might suggest reviewing your letter a little bit better before posting it. It contains quite a few spelling and grammatical errors. I was able to make out what you were saying okay, but it would have come across much better if you had proofread it a little more.

Best of luck to you and, until I hear they've corrected their mistake with you, I'll support you by avoiding this business.
Posted by shayen on 2010-06-20:
I agree with Helpful. While I was able to get the gist of what you were saying, your letter does need some tweaking. Also, I agree that you were not treated properly by this business (going on the assumption that your statements are factual).
Posted by Pepper on 2010-06-20:
i'd say next time don't leave without it in writing
Posted by Starlord on 2010-06-21:
In the police academy, in the block on note-taking, they drummed one saying into our heads over and over again. "The palest of inks is stronger than the best memory." In short, get it in writing, and if they refuse, take your business elsewhere. You don't deserve being taken advantage of.

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