Mesquite , Nevada Wal-mart Complaint - Mesquite Nevada Wal-mart attitudes

Review by justthefacts2 on 2010-06-21
MESQUITE -- Mesquite Nevada Walmart, has some major ongoing issues they cannot overcome.

I seen this store open and go through a lot of attempts to change, it appears they get so far in making these attempts to change before the employees to train the managers in a bad way to stereotype the people in the town.

1. the employees who been there along time who work day shift in customer service dept.
tell the managers not to trust Mexican people, because they steal, and bring back things and steal things out of the packages, and nothing is legitimate about their purchases when they return their products for exchange or for refunds.

2. prior to this it was the store would not order anything due to these same types who would say the Mexican people were stealing the products etc;
who are supposed to be shoppers or customers.

3. I have experienced these types of girls make up policies off the tops of their heads to deny exchanges, and refunds with the receipt in hand within 24 hours of purchase and product defective or failure.

4. I stood in line watching caucasion shoppers not being questioned, while every time a latino or hispanic gets in line, there is some kind of issue.

then the Employee will call the assistant to back them up to deny the customer with the receipt.

5. I had the assistant usually try to intimidate me, and scoff or laugh and deny any kind of help and interrogate me when I got the receipt in hand and explain my issue normally.

6. some of these employees are stacey, two heavy set girls hillbilly types, and kevin or frank, who were the assistants who laughed and said you can get as many lawyers as you want, it won't matter.
or thats where you are going with this.

7. when the facts are what they are complaints won't be addressed, these types been doing this for so long, this store has an inability to be like driving to saint george Utah, or Las Vegas Nevada.

8. I purchased a display, TV, display laptop, display printer, and was pushed around by some employees to tell me what I can and cannot buy and do, when I had to ask for the manager for each purchase because they cannot stock products, I bought all these in three days of each other.
and had the same issue with each employee as well.
telling me I could not buy a warranty or service program, or even the product itself because its a display model, even when we found the manual and the product had the serial number on the product.

it keeps going on and on and on and on at this store for every single thing they will try to deter a hispanic or latino customer from purchasing, anything display or not and will not allow or accept any refunds or exchanges with receipt and will not honor any warranty with purchased warranties etc;

for anything and everything and will not provide the policy, or show the policy for exhanges other than making it up, then being corrected from the store manager, many times they will not call him or delay calling anyone and then say they are gone etc;

and play games.

i went through a lot of these issues and seen others bring back electronics and same products with no interrogation or scrutiny, and these girls and some guys here take things personal, rather than help the customer want to do business or return to spend their money, out of fear of not having any recourse at a reasonable level of human attempts to refund or exchange the products with receipt and time limit met.

and haggle and hassels.

I wonder how much money this store has lost due to these types at this store with this attitude to stop the customer from having the satisfaction of having a positive experience with returning or exchanging and purchasing Walmart products.

GOOD LUCK, with your store.

I won't shop without an attorney for certain products at Mesquite Nevada Walmart, anyone ever decide to class action this store, I will be on board.
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Posted by purple_crayon on 2010-06-21:
"two heavy set girls hillbilly types"?
you write about racism,yet use poor terms to describe.The irony of it all.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-06-21:
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-06-21:
I only hope you communicate better in person, than you do on this post. If not, I would find it extremely difficult to assist you if I was in their shoes.

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