Aires Colombia Complaint - Aires Colombia: Probably the Worst Airline in the World

Review by bravaru on 2010-06-22
You know how Carlsberg is "probably the best beer in the world"?. That's exactly how I feel about Aires Colombia... only in reverse... and I'm not the only one.

My friends and I travel each month from Bogota to Bucaramanga... Usually around 5-10 people. A few times we made the mistake of picking Aires as our carrier. Never again.

Everything began two months ago when our evening flight was delayed, the gate was changed and nobody announced us of the the change. In fact, they didn't even call our names...

At some point I did see people boarding on a flight to Bucaramanga and asked if that's the flight of Aires and the girl at the counter told me "No". But that was the flight and we ended up missing it.

We got to Bucaramanga with the next flight, early morning next day.

When I got there, my bag was completely destroyed. This was not some flimsy bag, it was a hard-shell Samsonite bag... and I found it completely cut with contents from the bag damaged as well - like creams, toothpaste, etc... It was as if they dropped it beneath the wheels of a trucks...

The girl at the counter created a Baggage Claim Form for me and promised that I will get the bag fixed and a refund for the damaged items within 2 weeks.

One month passed and nobody called me about anything so I called their call center but they told me they can't give me this information over the phone.

So next time I was in Bucaramanga I asked the same girl what was happening to my bag and she promised that she would take care of it first thing next day.

Two days passed and no news from her although she had my number, email and everything. We called her. She didn't pick up and she replied by SMS that she is not working for "that bad company" anymore.

I tried to make contact with Aires on Twitter, Facebook but again, no success... The agents told me they can't help me by Twitter and I need to "direct message" them, whatever that meant.

A few days ago I travelled to Bucaramanga again... With Aires, horrible mistake.

This time I asked the Aires checkin office in Bogota's airport about my bag. They send me to another office where it was closed... but the guard there told me that the girls at the checking office might be able to help me.

Again, running in circles with nobody being able to tell me what happened to my bag and where it was.

On top of that, our flight to Bucaramanga, which is a 40 minute flight... was delayed for over an hour. Also, they made an un-announced stop in another city on the way delaying us for another hour!

At Bucaramanga's ticketing office, the same girl that supposedly quit her job was there behind the counter. She told us that the company didn't accept her resignation... but she didn't know where my bag was either.

She gave me a phone number and a name... I called that number, but there was no such name in the directory. I tried speaking to 3-4 agents and none of them were able to help me...

Our flight back was also delayed for a couple hours... supposedly because of weather problems... but other airlines doing the same route seemed to be on time.

Over two months and still nobody can tell me what's happening to the bag they destroyed. I'm totally fed up with Aires and will never travel with them again - EVER.

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