Freedom Fidelity Management Complaint - Misrepresentation - Debt Consolidation

Review by Butch71 on 2010-06-22
SANTA ANA, CA, CALIFORNIA -- Over the telephone Freedom Fidelity Management stated that they dealt directly with my main creditor Chase Bank USA for debt settlement. Chase called me house around the clock. I read the speech that Freedom told me to and Chase Bank USA stated that they did not deal with them. When I called and told Fidelity that Chase will not stop calling they said to ignore the phone. Annoyed by the phone calls I decided to terminate my relationship with them and they did not refund over $600.00 worth of fees because the written contract covered their asses. Now I'm being sued by Chase Bank and may be forced into Bankruptcy. Chase insists that they do not work with Freedom Fidelity Management contrary to what was stated on the telephone when they were securing my business.
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Posted by DebtGirl on 2011-01-01:
I have been in the debt settlement business since 85 and consumers are told NOT to speak with the banks or creditors because it undermines what are goals are for the client. Debt goes through stages it's like fine wine.. 30-60-90- 120 then it either gets sold or written off or the in-house collection takes it. YOU owe the creditor money of course they are going to call you . There is NOT enough in your trust account to even negotiate with them. YOU are told not to answer their calls and if you do.. there are certain things you say.. PERIOD. Also if you can't tolerate the phone calls you can do the following.. 1. change your number 2 get caller ID 3 get telezapper this confuses the call and makes it seem as if you received the wrong number. Debt is aquired over time and it takes time to get out, I'm sure you were in the program for what 24 mo? 36 mo? which is the time it takes to build up your money and for the company to then start negotiations. To get mad at a debt settlement company because they advised you to adhere to certain guidelines is just nonsense. YOU were told by the sales person and probably told by the CSR and compliance . So now you want out and your just going to point the finger at the company saying "now I'm getting sued"? YOU OWE MONEY~~ they have every right to sue you. If you would have stayed your course then contact and negotiations would have begun. It's strikes me ODD that people want things NOW, they only hear what they want to and they don't follow the rules. They can't sue you if you don't have anything and maybe you can work out a payment plan with them. Credit does a good job of getting us in debt then we cry wolf and when things don't go our way WE point fingers to everyone but ourselves for our shortcomings.. I'M tired of the public who has debt pointing the finger and looking for some magic wand or magic bullet to get them out of things.. IT IS what IT IS..
Deal with it..
and Happy New Year.
Posted by Johanna on 2011-01-01:
Did Freedom Fidelity explain to you how their program works? Also, isn't it against the law for Chase to be calling you at "all hours?"

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