Allegiance Communications Complaint - Poor service and deceptive customer service

Review by Mcclaughrey on 2010-06-22
MCALESTER, OKLAHOMA -- Very poor service from the beginning that was over 2yrs ago! They even blamed President Obama for poor signal quality!

On 3/31/10 a repair tech (Russell) to replace the box, he almost dropped my TV on the floor, installed the box, did not check to see if it was working and he left. I called CS and told them what happened and also the box was not working, they told me that the tech (Russell) would come back and repair the problem, I told them I didn't want him back in my home because he was careless with my TV and installation, CS insisted he would be more careful, he came back in the evening and had to replace the box, I was sitting helping my son with his homework while the cable was being fixed, well Russell left, The cable seemed to be working, The tech left so fast and he took my Wii gaming system and messed with it, there was controllers on the floor, it was unhooked, the system was laying on its side with the game hanging out half way, My home theater speakers were knocked down, I went to watch a DVD in my player, there was sound but no picture, I had to wait to call CS the next day because by that time they were closed, I called and was very upset, repairman to his boss(Damon), his boss called me and I told him how Russell treated my electronics and I wanted a different tech to come to my home and hook my Wii back up and figure out why my DVD player was not working, the boss & I played phone tag and when I tried to call the boss back, I was told they had no idea who Damon was, they gave me the run around, finally Damon called me back a different tech came out &realized that Russell had unhooked things he shouldn't have touched, it was a huge mess. That got fixed I thought, My TV does not work properly, the DVD player does not work properly and my Wii game is scratched up. I am very frustrated with customer service not being able to connect me with the supervisor, or I call and tell them who I am and CS hangs up on me.

The supervisor Damon and his employee came back to my home and set up dedicated lines for services, Damon the supervisor told me they would replace my HDMI cable that Russell messed with causing my DVD player not to work properly, I kept calling customer service to know when it would be replaced, finally after weeks of waiting a tech came to my home (BTW didn't come at the time I was promised) The tech replaced the wrong cable and now my TV is completely not working right!! I called Customer service that day to report the problem, I also have been trying to get the "tiling" problem fixed, I called 6 times that day, every time I called they would tell me they would "E-mail" a supervisor to call me back, I also got the same response over a period of 3 days. Did anyone call me back? NO!!!

Then yesterday 6/21/10 a service tech came to my home to review my problems with my TV and my cable. He couldn't seem to fix the problem, told me that he would go and see if it was an area wide problem and would get back with me, have I gotten a phone call yet? The answer is NO!!

Also while the tech was here I let him know the wrong cable was replaced, I told him I wanted it fixed, he then told me he was not sure if it could be that he would contact "Damon" the supervisor, this was after he told me I would have to call customer service, I told him I was getting no where with customer service. I still have not heard from anyone from this company. My cable problem still is not fixed and my TV is still messed up.

I told them I would have my husband hook up everything like it is supposed to be, but we can't do that yet until everything on the cable companies end to fix and replace like it should be.

The cable c0ompany has no problem shutting off service for non payment, but refuse to deliver quality service, also customer service like I stated before is AWFUL! Telling me lie after lie!! and worst yet hanging up on me, or you wait so long on hold then get disconnected and have to wait allover again. I spend more than half of my cellphone minuets dealing with Customer service being on hold, hung up on, disconnected. Also customer service acts like they have no idea what supervisors names are.

I'm very upset and ANGRY that they feel they can get away with such POOR service ALL THE WAY AROUND!!!

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