Whole Foods Complaint - Rude employees and price gauging

Review by chizip on 2010-06-22
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Complaint against Ken Chef and Emily Manager Tuesday June 22 2010 12noon Lakeland 3300 N. Ashland Ave Chicago, IL 60657 773.244.4200 I WAS a loyal customer at Whole Foods. I WAS spending about $150 every 2 weeks in groceries there. This was my first time visiting the Lakeland location and I was appalled by the way I was treated.

1) The sandwiches in the deli department looked stale and spoiled. The bread, cheese and meat looked hard. (I should have left the store when I saw the condition of the food at the deli).
2) I asked to sample the sandwich and Chef Ken was rude and said he was out of samples.
3) The manager Emily was pretentious. She said the sandwiches are not samples and the entire time I was in the store she followed me around.
4) I felt victimized because Emily stalked and watched my every move as if I was going to steal something. She made me feel very uncomfortable, I left without buying anything.

When I went to a different grocery store I saved $40 and bought the exact same items that I would have purchased at Whole Foods. The other store also let me sample anything I wanted at the deli. I didn't realize I was spending so much money at Whole Foods.

Rodent infestation at Whole Foods in Lincoln Park July 9, 2008 by Matthew McClure Thinking about picking up pecan encrusted salmon cakes from Whole Foods in Lincoln Park on your way home tonight? Think again. The Chicago Department of Health shut down the store this afternoon after discovering a rodent infestation. “More than 100 [mouse] droppings” were found in one cooler, according to a Crain’s article.
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Posted by GlitteringFirefly on 2010-06-22:
I love Whole Foods! The store in Baton Rouge is AMAZING! It is always clean, well stocked, and pleasant. The employees are great! I have never heard of any store hacking off a piece of a sandwich to give 1 person a sample. I know Whole Foods usually offers samples in the plastic dome things. In regards to their pricing, everything is more expensive, but you have to know if what you are shelling out money for is really worth it. I usually just grab produce and meat there, and the prices are more than worth it.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-06-22:
They are allowed to charge whatever they want, if it's too high then you have the choice to shop somewhere else. As for the samples I've never been to a whole foods so I have no idea how it works. If they say no samples then I would have just been like OK. Most places don't sample everything, I would have just dropped it if I were you, but you kept pressing them to let you sample a sub.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-06-22:
If the food looked so bad, why would you want a sample?

I can't help noticing that your review is a bit jumbled and repetitive. If your behavior in the store in any way resembled this review, I think I understand why someone was keeping an eye on you. You might want to just avoid this store in the future.
Posted by dee on 2011-08-24:
I actually signed on to My3cents to write a positive review about Whole Foods, so I was surprised to encounter this negative review first-thing. I've never had a problem at Whole Foods. Maybe a couple of times the produce was not as pristine and fresh as I'd like for the slightly elevated price, but that's a problem all grocery stores encounter and I just avoid that produce when I encounter it.

I've never had a problem with the staff offering me samples when it's reasonable. I seriously never have to ask, the samples are typically offered in a non-intrusive way whenever I shop.

Sure, it can cost a little more depending on what you're getting, but Whole Foods is my go-to for hard-to-find organic groceries and I'm glad it's in town. If I can't afford something there and it's not something I can only find there, I just go to another store for it.

Last, I have top say this part of the review makes no sense:

"Rodent infestation at Whole Foods in Lincoln Park July 9, 2008 by Matthew McClure..."

It looks like you copy and pasted this from another review, and even if that's true not only did you not provide us with a link to verify the validity of the claims, but it really has nothing to do with your claims- which is what sharing your "3 cents" should be all about.

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