Home Cash Direct & Home Cash Builders Complaint - Jason Walsh, Jason Langheim and John Simoncini of Home Cash Direct Stole $10,000 in Real Estate Deposits From Me

Review by Real Estate Property Solutions on 2010-06-24
PROSPECT PARK, PENNSYLVANIA -- Jason Walsh, Jason Langheim and John Simoncini misrepresented their companies, Home Cash Direct and Home Cash Builders, as very successful multi-million dollar, honest and reputable real estate investment and development businesses and fraudulently stole $10,000 of earnest money deposits for real estate investments from me. On November 4, 2009 I provided a $5,000 check deposit to John Simoncini for the purchase of a triplex located at 1709 N. Gratz Street in Philadelphia, PA for which Jason Simoncini and Jason Walsh fraudulently stated I would have no problem getting a mortgage at less than 7% interest prior to the contractual closing date of 12/21/09. This contingency along with Home Cash Direct providing me copies of all tenant lease agreements was clearly stated as part of my purchase agreement. The 9 bedrooms of the property were supposedly fully rented to Temple University students but I never received any of the lease agreements as Jason Langheim repeatedly promised to transmit. Jason Langheim also directed me to 2 mortgage companies, Milestone Bank which wasted several weeks of reviewing all of my submitted personal and financial information only to finally, after my numerous demands for a mortgage decision, inform me that my mortgage application was denied because they were only lending to persons that live in the Philadelphia area. The 2nd mortgage company that Jason Langheim directed me to, Green Tree Mortgage whose representative, Derek Schaffer, for over 6 weeks, well past the 12/21/09 contractual closing date, kept falsely assuring me that my mortgage application was approved then also after weeks of reviewing my application informed me that I had to put up 25% instead of the 20% down payment that he initially stated the mortgage would be approved for. I could barely afford to put up the 20% down payment and could not afford the extra 5% which I informed Derek Schaffer, Jason Lanheim and Jason Walsh but Jason Walsh did not care and would not accept this for some unknown reason. When I signed the purchase agreement in November 2009 and provided the $5,000 deposit check John Simoncini misled me into believing that Home Cash Direct was a reputable company and towards the in the first week of December 2009 John Simoncini informed me of a 2nd opportunity to invest in a property rehabilitation project located at 2003 S. Hemberger Street in Philadelphia, PA for which I provided an additional $5,000 earnest money deposit. John Simoncini also had previously misled me that if the purchase of the 1709 N. Gratz property deal did not go through that Home Cash Direct would easily transfer my $5,000 deposit for another real estate investment opportunity but towards the end of January 2010 when I requested to transfer the $5,000 deposit I provided for the N. Gratz Street purchase to go towards the 2003 S. Hemberger Street property rehabilitation Jason Walsh (CEO of Home Cash Direct) refused my request. From the city of Philadelphia records neither Jason Walsh, Jason Langheim nor John Simoncini or Home Cash Direct ever purchased the 2003 S. Hemberger Street property. Mr. Walsh on 1/31/10 after my repeated e-mail requests for return of my $10,000 in deposits stated he would do so but refused to provide a date of when he would return the money. After seeing me at the first 6/2/10 Philadelphia Wealth Alliance real estate networking meeting, in order to keep me from telling all attendees the details of Jason Walsh, Jason Langheim and John Simoncini of Home Cash Direct stealing my $10,000 in deposits Jason Walsh falsely promised to provide my $10,000 in earnest money to me in a week, on or by June 9, 2010. Jason Walsh then subsequently reneged on this verbal promise (that he even had the nerve to beg me to shake his hand on his agreement) to pay me back my $10,000 that he stole from me. Jason Walsh claims he no longer has my $10,000 and cannot afford to pay it back to me unless I agree to accept only $500 upfront and send notice to the various law enforcement and other consumer agencies that my complaints against Home Cash Direct, Jason Walsh, Jason Langheim and John Simoncini has been satisfied which of course I refuse to accept. I also have received direct testimony from Ricardo Roper, another NY City based investor, who also was a victim of Jason Walsh and Home Cash Direct in purchasing a property that Jason Walsh and Home Cash Direct reneged on their promise to rent and manage the property for Mr. Roper. In Mr. Roper's attempt to short sale the property to avoid foreclosure Mr. Roper was informed by a new buyer's title company that the previous mortgage was not paid off and that Mr. Roper purchased the property, through Home Cash Direct and Jason Walsh, without clear title. If you have also been a victim, can assist me in anyway or want any further information regarding this complaint please call me at 212-662-0581 or e-mail me at garysmithengineer@hotmail. com

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