Performance Dodge/Jeep of Lincoln, NE Complaint - Customer service in auto repair leaves much to be desired

Review by ELVIS007 on 2010-06-24
LINCOLN, NEBRASKA -- We have bought/leased numerous vehicles with Performance Dodge of Lincoln. We were pleased with the vehicles and terms on our early vehicles, encouraged our children to buy there and other relatives/friends. Our first bad experience was when we bought a Stratus in I believe, 2005 - it was apparently an "experimental" vehicle - a two door - very sharp looking. It ate through tires like nothing we've ever experienced. The dealership blamed the tires, the tire dealer blamed the vehicle. The tire dealer did replace a set although he didn't believe they were to blame - which we appreciated. And the car wore so unevenly that the noise was unbelievable. It didn't matter what kind of tires we put on - that is what continued to happen. No one wanted to take responsibility although we heard that they were aware of this problem as others had the same experience. Eventually we traded the vehicle. Since we had previous good experience with this dealer - we bought a Caliber. It has been a good vehicle. We bought a used Nissan from them for our daughter - asked specifically from the sales agent who we had done business with for years if it had ever been wrecked - he said no. Found out later it had. In between there, another daughter had bought a Neon and was told by service she needed new hubcaps - costing her over $200. She also said the service dept. was very rude to her when she asked questions. We went back and found the salesman we knew and he straightened it out. When we traded in the Stratus they filled out a survey - and every answer I gave about how bad I thought the car was, the person filling it out reworded - those surveys apparently say what they want them to say. Anyway - last straw - the Nissan. We bought an extended warranty and the wheel bearings went out. It was taken in and was going to be fixed under warranty - then it was determined that both sides were out. Suddenly, we were told that it wasn't all going to be covered because our daughter should have heard the noise it was making and gotten it in sooner. I had ridden in the car shortly before and hadn't heard anything. It was actually my husband who rode in it and heard the noise, and had her take it in. When we told them we hadn't heard anything prior, we were basically told that wasn't believable - so now we were being called liars. So we had to wait for an investigator to come, and after holding the salesman and service department manager's feet to the fire, were finally given a loaner - after a week. And, after all of that, the warranty was then honored. But what a hassle - and I don't think for a minute that it would have turned out this way if we hadn't been so insistent and forceful. It is too bad - but after many years with Performance Dodge - we will not do any more business with them nor will any of our family. We've been burned more than once and probably should have moved on before this. They need to take a few lessons in public relations and integrity - and learn that their customers aren't just some suckers that they sell cars to - the service after the sale is what makes a good company and fosters loyalty from their customers. Shame on you Performance Dodge.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-06-25:
Very good review. I have attempted to buy a vehicle from this dealership twice in the last 4-5 years. The first try was for a used vehicle and it can go as you imagined. I was lied to and they tried to bully me into buying the vehicle.
The second time was for a new vehicle and I walked out after about 15 minutes. The salesman I spoke to was more interested in the texts he was receiving than selling a $24,000 Wrangler.
In the future, I would recommend Performance Dodge, Volkswagen or Toyota up in La Vista just past Cabela's. My family has purchased our last 4 vehicles from Dodge and VW up there. They are very fair and knowledgeable about their vehicles.

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