Myer Furniture Complaint - They Didn't Pick It Up

Review by 127909 on 2010-06-24
I purchased a bed from this furniture store and descided to have them pick it up, sent a rude woman to see when I could make a payment I made one and told her I descided I didn't want it and I couldn't afford it, she told me,[by a letter she left stuck in my front door], to leave the bed on the front porch and they would pick it up, well,3 weeks passed and they didn't pick it up, and then 4 weeks passed so I stored it in my house because we had a lot of rain and I didn't want it damaged by the rain, now they are taking me to court over non-payment. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank-you
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Posted by Helpful on 2010-06-24:
I've read a lot of letters on this site. I may or may not agree with any one of them, but have always been able to sympathize with their frustration.

In this case, even as you have outlined it, you made the choice to purchase the bed. Why would you believe you could undo the deal?

This is going to be blunt, so I apologize, but you should also understand where you stand. I would bet that the retailer will get a judgment without hesitation. The amount of which will probably be what you owe, along with interest, court and collection costs. With such a judgment, you'll find that they will be able to garnish any accounts you have or any checks you receive, including tax returns, paychecks or social security checks. They can also place liens against any possessions you may have. With a guarantee of interest and additional fees every time they file papers to lien or garnish, they are able to get the amount and it will eventually cost you more in doing so. If that weren't enough, the debt can be reported to each of the credit reporting agencies, along with the judgment. A court judgment against you, forcing you to pay an already acquired debt, really damages one's credit. It can easily follow you for the next decade.

You can't do anything about the damage already done, but it doesn't sound like you're that far into it to do some damage control in the future. I would suggest not allowing this to go to court. Whereas it sounds so open and shut, there's nothing this will do but hurt you further. You don't say how much you owe, but I would contact them asking to arrange a payment program you can handle. Be willing to pay the full debt, just ask if you can have longer to pay it, even if it means paying more interest. In return, ask for them to guarantee, in writing, that the debt not be reported to the credit agencies. Finally, try selling the bed on your own. Try to get a reasonable price, but use it to pay directly towards the debt.

Best of luck and, please, let us know how it goes.

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