Wireless Retail Informative - Sales Misrepresentation

Review by DalGal on 2005-01-04
CLEVELAND, OHIO -- My husband and I were looking at wireless phone plans since ours with T-Mobil was expiring in 2 weeks. We told the salesman we were getting information only since we could not do anything until our plan with T-Mobil expired. The salesman informed us that he was a district manager. They deal with T-Mobil as well as many other wireless companies. He informed us that we could go ahead and start our Cingular service without infringing on T-Mobil since they were having a promo on the flip and camera phones and it may not be in effect in 2 weeks. I told him that we wanted to keep our same numbers. We were told that we could convert but would have to pay for the T-Mobil service up to the end of the contract, therfore giving us double service for a period of 2 weeks. This was acceptable since we were getting free phones and I didn't know if the phones would be available in 2 weeks. They started Cingular service that evening. I called T-Mobil the day after the contract was to expire to cancel my service. I was told that when they converted the phone numbers on my 4 phones to Cingular, this automatically cancelled my service with T-Mobil. I was horrified as I had no idea that this would happen. This now has resulted in a $200.00 termination fee per phone, which is reflected in my $800.00 bill from T-Mobil. This district manager has not returned any of my phone calls. I did go to their web site and wrote a complaint to customer service which I have not heard back from. I did talk with the store supervisor who apologetically said he would look into the matter but has not got back with me either. I had no intention of cancelling my contract with T-Mobil at the time and was not even aware that this was occurring. This individual, because of his position with the company should have been fully aware of the consequences we would suffer by changing our numbers early. He misrepresented to us and caused us damages in excess of $800.00 by terminating our contract 2 weeks early. I do wish T-Mobil would have contacted us and explained that by changing those numbers, we were terminating our agreement. This feels like a major consumer scam. I do not work in the wireless field and had no way of knowing that my contract terminated with those numbers. This regional manager should have known, instead he made it seem like the service agreement was separate from the numbers. What can we do?

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