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Halifax Regional Hospital Informative - Hospital of Death,Give Us The Money

Review by Love Always on 2010-06-28
ROANOKE RAPIDS, NORTH CAROLINA -- In August and September of last year Halifax Regional Medical Ctr. diagnosed my sister with a heart problem. In October they sent her to Wake Medical Center as they stated they could not help her. The doctor's at Wake Med asked for myself and my siblings to come in for a meeting (my mother was there already)because my sister had a thyroid condition they felt it was best at this time that someone had guardianship, and my siblings appointed me for this because I had been caring for her since I was twenty three years. The court system in Halifax said it would take at least ten days for an emergency petition, all of this was in one days time I traveled back to Wake Med and explained to them what happened, they gave me everything I needed and sent me to the courthouse in Raleigh, it was 4:42pm they busted their buts and I received temp. custody. I received full custody 5 days later To make a long story short she had they told me she would have more episode's if hospitalized have Halifax transfer her to Duke or Chapel Hill Hospital where they have the experience and knowledge to help her more than any other hospital, the docters even gave me a letter to give to Halifax with all their information and said if Halifax needed to call them for any part of her treatment do not hestitate of course they never did. Assistant Living sent her their via amulance in November, when I got to emergency room she was not there, they had released her and not returned her via amulance to the Assistat living facility. after running back and forth between both places I found my sister lying outside the hospital in the wooded cove clinging to a tree. The last time she was admitted there my mother stayed with her day and night. The before MLK holiday I took my mom home to get her self rested promising I would make sure she was ok. My mom was then 81 yrs old. Myself and a friend went to see her Saturday she was in good spirits we went again Sunday again she was in good sprits(before I forget I had to beg to talk to a docter which I never got to see or get a phone call form I bad called once asking why was she on sariquile when she is a diabedic it raises her sugar level...thats for another story lets get back to this. Monday morning I take my mom back to stay again befor I go to work when I see my sister she cannot lift her head she can't talk and we could just make out her saying help me. she had blood running all down her back where they had had intrveinious tubes running, looking at her arm their was blood trickling out drop by drop. The room was right there by the nurses station and we franticely called for help and aid came and I wante to speak to a docter who had been in the nurses station, but we are not impotant it took him 45 min to get in there, I asked why the feeding tube was gone and her moniters where is her oxegen and her fluids I asked what they did to her I was just there yesterday, my mom had turnec pale and was fussing at him so hard I had to defuse the discussion but I wanted some answers this docter tells me her physicoligest had camein on Sunday and uped he physc meds (haldol and cogenten ) to 3x's a day and to be given intreveinously, I thouht I would snap at this point then asked who gave him permission to do this, he has no answer ( I had given them my gaurdianship papers at least 6x amd had been requesting to talk to her docters since she had been in there ) so who gave him permission for thhis. I went to work and called her Physchogist who told me he did nor know she was even in the hospital. I then called the hospital and they gave me the name of a docter who was there checking his paitints and they had asked him to give her something, a lady who worked there told me this only because I had helped her and her family at one time. Tuesday they stell did not have my sister back on her meds, fluids or feeding tube, oh they did bring back her heart moniter. My sister was trying to talk and I believe the meds that doc had given her were easing off of her Tuesday night. Wends. morning I got there my mom was concerned as I was about her feeding and fluids she had been without since Sunday Afternoon. I told the nurses station I wanted all her hospital records and with a nasty little attitude the lady told me I would have to buy them, when I got to the elevator a woman approachec me and said she use to come out to see my sister years ago and she understands I want her hospital records, explained I could get them from the records department all except the notes. I thamked her she asked what I wanted them for and I told her I was going to send them to Johbs Hopkins Hospital, I wanted them to treat my sister for her heart condition not for her thyriods I was despreate, between 11 and 1:00 my mother called to say they were starting her meds back up at around 5:20 I went pass after work she still had not been given her meds. I went home to freshen up so I could return back to the hospital but about ten to fifteen min after I was in the house I received a call from the hospital the first one since she had been admitted, a female docter letting me know they were taking her back down to intensive care I said thank you Jesus, she then ask if I wanted a DNR my brain is like huh and I told her I would call back after checking with my siblings, I spoke with the babygirl then called the one under me who was very distraught this docter had called her and told her my sister would not live through the night. I then called the docter back and hesitantley she said this was true I told her at that point I was on my way there and I wanted to talke to her. when I arrived of course there were no doctors for me to talk to my sister was in and out of conciousness and the woman at the desk told me a doctor would be in later tp check her kindneys and other invasive areas and I told her they are not to put a hand on her if she was dying let her die with some dignaty all of a sudden you are telling me things you plan to check, no leave her alone. My beautiful sister died Thursday Jan.21 at 3:52 in the afternoon one hour after the last sibling hurried from Baltio Md to the hospital, Later when I was driving having to have said good bye 10 min. had not passed and they wanted her organs I hung up the phone on them they called 4 more times the last of which my sister answered and asked what should she say I guess after looling at me she made her own decission and told the person on the other end that they had already taken her life and they will not get anything else from her. I had started video taping in this hospital when I saw the degree care they give there patients. Most people in this county will tell you not to go to this hospital, it had been sued a few times before. This hospital will use as much of your insurance or medicaid as they can giving little to no care and push patients off to another hospital before they are asked for paperwork on why these patients are stil there or they will send them home knowing they will be readmitted and they can get mecicaid and insurance off them for another couple of weeks. They will let you die for organs There are many horror stories about this hospital I everyone is scared of it THIS HOSPITAL NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN a survey needs to be taken and it will all come to the light PLEASE DO NOT SIGN AS AN ORGAN DONER ON YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE YOU CAN STILL DONATE BY TELLING YOUR FAMILY YOU WANT TO DONATE YOUR ORGANS NOT THE WORLD
Comments:2 Replies - Latest reply on 2010-06-28
Posted by clutzycook on 2010-06-28:
If your sister needed guardianship that badly, I suspect her condition was something more serious than a thyroid condition. The rest of this revew was a blur.
Posted by momsey on 2010-06-28:
I'm sorry you lost your sister, and I'm sorry that she received such bad treatment. You really need to bring your complaints to the attention of the hospital's board. But, please try to use paragraphs and punctuation and ask someone to proofread it before you submit it to them. It was really hard to read your review, so I know I didn't get a lot of the points.

I know this wasn't your point, but it is sad that you didn't even consider organ donation. All of the people on organ waiting lists don't care what beef you have with the hospital. They just need an organ. Your sister's death could have brought someone else life.

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