Kauai Toyota Complaint - Business must be BOOMING!

Review by kauaitoyotafails on 2010-07-01
LIHUE, HAWAII -- Blown off several times in a row. I had heard from many people that the service was abismal at Kauai Toyota, but I had always been a Honda owner.
Last week I was trying to purchase a Toyota Highlander. Not negotiate mind you, but just BUY one. We were told that we simply could not get what we wanted. Servco Hawaii which owns the statewide Toyota Franchise, has a monopoly. They decide what gets brought in. Ok... we could live with that. But, after trying to go to the dealership and get "helped" at spending 40,000.00, we were dished too many times. We did not even get to the point where price was an issue, they just did not have the time to deal with us. We were pre-approved after an insurance case totaled our Honda. We drove an hour across the island, and found the showroom filled with at least three salespeople. None of them could help us, yet they were literally sitting down laughing and joking. I asked if they could just check and see if the car I wanted to BUY was available, they said they were not licensed to 'talk to me about it"... (can anyone make sense of that. We were ready to buy and there was no one that could talk about it! They told me that somebody would get back to me. This took an hour.
I called again this morning, after the gentleman we worked with left on a fishing trip, and was told I had to work with a certain person who was off work today. I asked for anyone else and the receptionist said no!
Once again, I am preapproved and just want to buy my car! The receptionist gave me such attitude. We have five stores. Customer service is really important to us. I would fire my staff if they treated a customer like this. Total arrogant indifference. I am just stunned. There was one exception, an older gent named Pat. We could have shipped a Toyota over from the mainland, but Pat was so nice, relaxed and cordial. He said business was really slow. He is going to be sad he lost a commission on a 38,000.00 car because the other people there could not be bothered. I would recommend anyone think twice before getting iunto a long term relationship with these guys. The product is great. I am a fan, but due to their monopoly, they have become arrogant. With the recalls and bad press, I am simply amazed that they would just dis a customer like they did. We have purchased two new cars in our life, both from kauai Honda, and the process took about 30 minutes from start to finish. We don't haggle, or hassle... man... we literally just needed to get a car asap, to replace our primary car. DO NOT GIVE POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE ANY OF YOUR HARD EARNED DOLLARS. THEY SHOULD RESPECT THE CUSTOMER. THIS WAS A THREE STRIKES DEAL... WE GAVE THEM THREE CHANCES. We did not need to be romanced, but we were ready to spend $35,000 to $40,000+ and were not treated politely.

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