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Review by crew on 2005-01-12
SPENCER -- On 1-1-2005, I purchased a Fridgidair Refridgerater, Today on 1-12-05, it has a warm fridge compartment, at 65 degrees, and the freezer is still freezing , and the fan inside doesnt ever shut off. I call the 1800 number and got the only 2 service numbers for my area, and cannot get anyone out till monday. This is only wensday. You cannot get any human help at all when you call the 800 number, and even the service people say they have no contact numbers to speak to any of the reps at fridgidair. I came home to this after being away from home over night , and had to throw out over $100.00 worth of groceries. I'll never buy nor will I refer fridgidair. Is this what american business has come to. I thought they were a reputiable company...
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Posted by Slimjim on 2005-01-12:
Just to be sure, make certain the coils are clean. They are generally under the box behind the kickplate. A few boxes may still have them on the back. Use a vacuum. Also double check both the freezer and frige temp comtrols to see if they were moved. Odds are you do need service, but troubleshoot these areas just in case.
Posted by jumbalaya on 2005-01-13:
Now wait a minute. Slumjim, you are advising that they check the thermostats? How long has refridgeration been available in the US? Do you really think the thermostat is awry? Then you suggest cleaning the coils on a 10 day old unit? Are you insane or just pretend to be?
Posted by jumbalaya on 2005-01-13:
The point being, could it be possible the unit is bad? Leak in the system that was damaged during shipment, bad compressor from the factory. Slumjim, your advice is the worst.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-01-19:
This thread is a classic example of some old fool who was fired from an appliance store, trying to give advice! Clean the coils on a new fridge! LMFAO!

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