Congressional Motors Complaint - Tires from 2001 on a 2005 Jetta

Review by Alafyre on 2010-07-07
ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND -- I'm very disappointed and quite honestly disgusted with Congressional Motors in Rockville, MD. I bought from them on the recommendation of a family member and while I had a fine time IN the dealership, my issue has come not even a YEAR after making my purchase. I bought a 2005 Jetta last October from Congressional Motors and even though I had my grandfather come with me for swindling prevention, they still managed to pull a fast one!
Three days ago when the temperatures of July started to hit the upper 90s, my jetta started convulsing and shaking as if it was having a seizure. I pulled off the freeway to see if I had a flat tire and to tighten the bolts. But this didn't help in the slightest. Afraid for my safety, I called out of work the next day and went to a tire repair shop. When the technician saw my tires, he literally asked me, "How did you get here? Did you DRIVE this here?" He showed me how shredded my tires were and I could see the tire expanding and dismantling the rubber! Then the tech proceed to show me year and week my tires were created: the 13th week of 2001!
"How old IS this Jetta?" he asked. I told him it was a 2005. He said I should call the dealership and start screaming at them! "I have no idea how you haven't had a blow out by now! This car is extremely unsafe and if you can't buy tires right now, at least let me replace this one with your spare."
I called Congressional Motors right away and angrily tried to explain to the man who sold me my car that the tires were NOT my originals. Carlos was beyond rude and extremely unhelpful. He said Congressional does not place a warranty on their tires. Go figure. I told him I could have gotten into a huge accident because of this tire switch up and he said that "tires do not go bad" and that "since there wasn't an accident, he wasn't going to give me new tires."
I asked to speak to customer service, but he yelled that HE was in fact customer service so if I had a problem I could speak with him. My tech got on the phone and explained to a disgruntled Carlos that my tires were NOT the original tires that the manufacturer placed on the car and that in fact, the tires were not only the wrong year but the wrong size.
"You put a customer out on the road with eight year old tires, Carlos. That's not a way to do good business," advised my tech.
Carlos of course denied knowing anything and even if he didn't know the tires were wrong, wouldn't he want to protect his business and help me buy the FOUR NEW TIRES I needed? Tires need to be placed but not A YEAR after you buy the car!
I will never buy from Carlos or Congressional Motors again and I advice you do the same.
I can't believe companies can get away with this, I could have died and it would have been Congressional Motors and those 2001 (nine years old!) tires fault!
They let this go as if it were no big deal in the slightest. I will NOT let this go and I'm going to tell everyone about how horrible Congressional Motors really is as a auto company.
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Posted by Starlord on 2010-07-07:
You buy a five-year old car and complain because it doesn't have the original tires on it? I would be amazed if any five-year old car had it's original tires. This is one reason warranties do not cover tires, hoses and belts. They wear out. No one expects tires to last forever. A used car dealer is, in all probablity, has nothing to do with the car not having the original tires. I used to work for a Ford dealership, and can guarantee you that the tires that come on a car will wear out a lot faster than any purchased afterwards. Many people who buy new cars have other tires installed because the original equipment tires arethe cheapest the manufacturer can find to put on the car. You have no complaint, and if you did, it would not be against the used car dealer, but the previous owner.
Posted by momsey on 2010-07-07:
Did you read the complaint, Starlord? The dealership sold a car that had nine year old tires on it, which were also the wrong size for the car. That's the complaint, not just that the original tires weren't there. I feel that the dealership is absolutely responsible to sell a safe car. I can pretty much guarantee that they would be successfully sued if there was an accident. Maybe a lawyer is around to weigh in?

If I were the OP, I would pursue this until I got four new tires paid for by the dealership.
Posted by biomajor on 2010-07-07:
How many miles did you put on the car in the last year? Did you have your tires rotated according to the guidelines? You should always have a used car examined/checked by a mechanic prior to purchase.
Posted by goduke on 2010-07-07:
I would never trust any outfit with the word "congress" in their name. But that's just my libertarian side coming out.....

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