Rochester Hills, MI Urgent Care Complaint - Misdiagnosis times 2

Review by Mother of 2 on 2010-07-08
ROCHESTER HILLS, MICHIGAN -- I took my son to Urgent Care Tuesday. He had an unusual white goosebump-type rash that would not go away. I had several ideas of what it could be (we'd been playing in a creek recently, strawberry picked, etc...) Or I thought it could be a continued symptom of the cold he'd suffered though three weeks prior. The doctor saw him and did not seem at all interested in a "simple rash." It was not red, not itchy, therefore not critical. He diagnosed my son with "viral gastroenteritis" and he described it as an intestinal problem, which could explain why the rash started on my son's stomach. He was not willing to do any blood tests or anything to rule out any other possibilities.
Not feeling quite settled, I went home and research the diagnosis and realized he'd basically called it nothing but a "stomach flu." I was furious. My son had not exhibited stomach flu symptoms (throwing up, diarhea, etc...)

I called them and told them they misdiagnosed him and they offered to see my son again and run blood tests and anything else I needed at no extra charge. Sounds good, right? I took him back the next day and another doctor looked at my son's rash and said it was scarlet fever. I knew enough about scarlet fever so I asked the doctor to do a strep-test to confirm what he was saying. He refused and said it was not necessary. He also was not 100%sure it was scarlet fever but decided to give me a prescription for Augmenten. I left and filled it that day and gave my son his first dose before bedtime. The next day my son had a second dose, but I researched scarlet fever and was frustrated that there was still a chance my son was taking medication he didn't need. Worried, I called our pediatrician who saw him that day.

The doctor said he would have been willing to perform a strep-test, but the medication already in his system would most likely void the test result.

Because of the Urgent Care's doctors, my son still has not been accurately diagnosed, and our pediatrician could not verify with certainty that it was scarlet fever at all. Had the doctor just perfomed the test to confirm it, than my son would not have needed to take medicine unnecessarily.

I would not take my children to these doctors ever again. Unfortunately, they are not willing to do everything possible to confirm a diagnosis. When I spoke to the manager, they only backed up the misdiagnosis and the unconfirmed scarlet fever diagnosis. My son still has his rash today and he doesn't look any better.
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Posted by leet60 on 2010-07-08:
That is sadly the state of our medical system today. They do call it "practicing" medicine - because they rarely get it right the first time.
Sorry your son had to experience this.

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