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Review by Ihatefrididaireproducts on 2010-07-10
AGUSTA, GEORGIA -- Home appliances made by Frigidaire are a ripoff. Last fall (2009) I had to go through Lowes to get a dishwasher replaced. Now, the ice maker for my SBS Frigidaire refrigerator, purchased of March 2009, does not function properly, and I was denied the right to purchase an extended warranty when I called because of this problem. My opinion, Frigidaire appliances are low end quality backed by a useless customer service center.

Do they think consumers are stupid these days?

I repeat again, Frigidaire appliances are junk! Buy another brand, and buy the extended warranty. Maybe you will not run into as bad a customer service as you will with Frigidaire, but you probably will. Hopefully, you will not run into inferior quality either; however, I bet you will too.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-10:
"Do they think consumers are stupid these days? "

Yes.. or at least that's what they hope.

An extended warranty is not the solution. Just read the complaints here and you'll see why.

Best of luck with another brand. And I mean that sincerely.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-07-11:
Venice is a great contributor to this site and has some very helpful input, but we see things a little differently when it comes to the topic of extended warranties.

The reason you are not allowed to arbitrarily purchase an extended warranty is because you opted to not make the additional purchase at the time you purchased the merchandise. It wouldn't make sense to simply open up the purchase at the time you started having a problem. Moreover, I would not just bluntly tell a consumer to always purchase an extended warranty with their merchandise, however, I wish everyone would CONSIDER the warranty coverage when making a purchase. Many people make a purchase without any such consideration, only complaining when the problem sets in and the warranty isn't there. Consumers should truthfully shop retailers for their extended service guarantees, taking into consideration the level of trust they have that a retailer is able to back what the additional warranty is guaranteed to cover. Frankly, there are consumers that are "stupid" as you ask, in that they purchased being told the level of guarantee is minimal but then complain when, again, a problem is not under warranty.

As for Frigidaire being a bad appliance, frankly, they are not. I have Frigidaire appliances within my home that I like. It only takes a glance through this site to see complaints about every brand out there.

All my best. Just bite the proverbial bullet and cover the expense of the repair yourself.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-07-11:
Helpful, the problem is most (not all) of these extended warranties are worthless. They are backed by phantom agents that are well-versed in denying claims or at least procrastinating to the extent the customer would have been far better off without it. At least he would have the warranty money to use for the repair.

As a general rule extended warranties are a waste of money. And if you need to use it you then find they are also a tremendous waste of time as well.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-07-11:
+100 chuck
Posted by Helpful on 2010-07-11:
Actually Chuck, I've been involved with some very positive experiences with extended warranties; thus the reason one should be particular as to where they shop. One of the things the consumer should become accustom to doing is shopping with retailers that back their own extended warranties, not these phantom agents as you put it.

People that are determined to purchase without concern to warranty coverage, either manufacturer or extended, are destined to be the ones most likely to complain and be disappointed with their purchase.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-11:
"The reason you are not allowed to arbitrarily purchase an extended warranty is because you opted to not make the additional purchase at the time you purchased the merchandise."

And yet you are the one who is always advising OPs to see if an extended warranty is available when a repair is needed.

I have also noticed that you seem to have every brand of appliance in your home. That's an awful lot of appliances.

It's interesting that you and your family just happen to know the best appliance retailer in the world that caters to your every needs (perhaps it's a "family owned" business), and yet you have never mentioned the name or location of this retailer so other consumers can benefit from their service. I also don't understand why, in all these years, you have never written a review or letter praising this retailer. If they are so accommodating, that's the least you can do to show your appreciation.

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