Blackberry Storm Complaint - A Very Unsatisfactory Product

Review by shanghai ply on 2010-07-13
I upgraded to a Blackberry Storm last year. It is without any doubt the worst technical/device acquisition I have ever made - and that is saying something given that I have been in systems development for about 30 years and have usually worked in the area of advanced technologies so am prepared to accept shortcomings in new things.
The software is unstable, prone to randomly just becoming unusable -for example - phone rings but can't answer call. Sometimes this is accompanied by a screen with an image of a lightning flash - but usually just doesn't work. As always, problem solved by removing battery.
Icons occasionally disappear for no apparent reason. Currently the calendar icon has disappeared and I'm trying to find it. It so happens I have a few meetings registered there but I have no idea of what or when...very handy!
Recently the phone has gone into reboot mode on a couple of occasions - once during a business call. It rebooted about every 15 minutes or so for several hours and when it stablized the icons had been rearranged. I have no idea of why or how this occurred.
The camera seems to work on a time delay. Push the button and wait - I suppose it's great for getting 'after shots' if you are that way inclined.
In summary, I have to say this device is a dog - maybe a hackers delight but as far as a device 'fit for purpose' it doesn't cut it.
I have attempted to convey my experience to RIM but they don't seem to be interested in any feedback - just orders.
What a dog.
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Posted by Starlord on 2010-07-13:
I saw Clark Howard on HLN one day, and he was advising people not to buy the new ipad. He said the best thing to do is wait until they bring out generation 2, and they will have worked out the bugs and probably reduced the price. I agree with him on waiting. Sure, it's nice to show peope your latest, just released toy, but if you are concerned about performance, what harm is waiting six months to a year? Is bragging rights more important to you than performance? It isn't to me.
Posted by Ashley on 2010-07-13:
The first generation storm was known for lagging. I got mine in December 08, which is when they first came out, and I would agree with the lag issues. However the second generation Storm came out in January, and Verizon allowed anyone with a first generation trade it in. The Storm II also helped alleviate some of the issues you're describing, but having said that, I am no longer having any lag issues. Do you lock the screen? I "lost" icons when I first got the phone because I didn't lock it and due to whatever combination of slides and taps, the icons were hidden. Simple fix, though, is to click the BB menu button and click "show all". Then you can go through and manually hide whichever icons you truly don't want. I've also "moved" icons by clicking the menu button too quickly, and they've ended up in a subfolder from my main screen. Finally, since it's technically a mini-computer, Blackberry (or RIM, whichever you want to reference) suggests that you monitor how many apps you have as the more memory you use, the slower it will operate, and to shut down it off at night (goes into sleep mode). I've found that while I don't need to shut it off every night, powering off every once in a while really helps.

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