The Government of the United States of America Informative - 40 Million?

Review by mrs.toast on 2005-01-19
Hello!! Is there anybody paying attention out there? We,the World,and all persons in it,just experienced a earthquake which triggered a tidal wave which resuulted in massive death and destruction.Let alone the health risk factor from all the dead left lying about until it can be attended to.From my understanding, everything is airborne these days.And so I state,40 MILLION to welcome a president to office?40 MILLION to throw a welcome bash?40 Million would bury alot of dead,feed alot of hungry folks who will probably be dead soon from starvation.
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Posted by Slimjim on 2005-01-19:
The United States and its citizens are doing their part in the relief effort. More so then most other countries. The figure you quote I'm sure is mostly covered by security. Isn't there some priority for our country to assure our President is protected?
Posted by indygirl08 on 2005-01-19:
I fully agree with what you said. Where are our priorities. It is amazing what this country can find the funding for. So many issues are moved to the bottom of the list. It is sad.
Posted by SF on 2005-01-19:
If it was John Kerry coming into office you probably would not care if it was twice that amount of money. It just depends what side of the isle you are on.
Posted by NeveragainAmazon on 2005-01-19:
The names Kerry or Bush are irrelevant, and the money spent on security,etc. is ludicrous. Let me ask you this, Have you ever had a son or daughter fighting for our Country? Yes, It is a path they chose to take, however, it does not make it any easier for their loved ones that sit at home worrying whether they will return! My take is our country is only as good as its President. Pretty sad, Huh?
Posted by tracker on 2005-01-19:
Except for the very wealthy and/or those actually attending the festivities (partying with taxpayer $), I think most Americans would find this an extravagant waste of tax dollars. Mr. Bushs' advisors should have suggested a more simple ceremony saving $30 million or so and have Mr. Bush publically announce this... that he is going to break tradition and do his part to curtail frivolous spending. I think he would have scored a lot of points with hardworking Americans. Of course though he already has 4 more years guaranteed... and no need to woo the people for another 3.5 years. George, if by chance you or one of your PR people read this... middle class public opinion is important throughout the WHOLE TERM! Your advisors slipped on this one.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2005-01-20:
40 mil was donated by private enterprises for his blow-out...which I'll be at, thank you! So, it's not our tax dollars. As far as aid to the Tsunami victims...they're getting more from us than anyone else...and they slap us in the face for it daily...you liberals don't even have an ideology any more...all you have is hatred. Get over it.
Posted by indygirl08 on 2005-01-20:
It seems to me that some of you should take a look at yourself and "Get over it". I am not a liberal. Nor do I sit on any "side of the fence". I am a hardworking citizen who is now married. But for 8 years I was a single mom, who struggled week after week and received absolutely no assistance. But yet day after day I watch minoritis receiving our government funded assistance....I see reports of the rapidly rising homeless problems....It pains me to see how our orphanages are filling up! I could go on and on....Do we really need a 40 million dollar inaguration, NO! Do we need to be spending billions of dollars and losing thousands of lives in other countries??? HELL NO!
Posted by Slimjim on 2005-01-20:
I say this thread is apples /oranges. What or how we spend money in general is irrelevant to the fact that the US has stepped up, delivered, and continues to rally and deliver aid to victims of this catastrophe.
Posted by indygirl08 on 2005-01-20:
You are definitely right, I do believe that we have really stepped up for the Tsunami victims. So, I realize I kinda got off the subject.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2005-01-20:
Indy...I apologize...I know what it's like to be a struggling mom...I was the kid of one. I understand your feelings; I was just trying to convey that the money came from corporations; it's them that you should be angry at; then I got out of line with the 'liberal' stuff - I've just been hearing it all over lately and mistook you for one of them. Please forgive me.

Thanks - Mad Eye
Posted by indygirl08 on 2005-01-20:
Thank you Mad Eye!!!
Posted by speedy06 on 2005-01-20:
Indy, I am also new on this site. Isn't that so sweet of Mad-Eye to apologize?
Posted by indygirl08 on 2005-01-20:
I thought it was very nice.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2005-01-21:
Siffer - I hope you meant that in a good way...and you have changed either...I always enjoy your posts.
Posted by Aember24 on 2005-01-21:
Yes it was a trajedy what happened due to the earthquake/tidalwave and I feel badly for all of those people who have lost family members, friends and loved ones and the company I work for has put together a fund raiser to help those in need over there. However in the same sense people in America should not feel guilty about enjoying their lives and being happy just because there was a trajedy. So what if Bush had a 40 million dollar party, is this anything new when it comes to welcoming a president into office? Why should it be any different now? Also when the trade centers were blown to hell and all of our fellow americans lost there lives did we do more for those families than what we are doing for those overseas? No. And I am happy to see that when there is a trajedy, regardless of location, we as americans, including bush, are quick to aide those in need.
Posted by DSHIGYRL on 2005-01-21:
I agree. So much waisted on a President that only turns around to waist even more $$ on a war that our troops shouldnt even be fighting. Its about time someone put it out there. Thanks!!
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2005-01-21:
Dshygrl - are you saying the world was better off with Saddam in power?
Posted by CAMedWmn on 2005-04-12:
It is an unfortunate reality that when a VIP visits a disaster zone, it drains the resources that would otherwise be used to help others. For some reason, politicians and others in positions of power insist upon "seeing for themselves" the extent of destruction before they authorize any relief efforts. Disaster relief organizations tolerate these visits by VIP's because it usually brings with it a great deal of media attention, which can translate into increased aid to the disaster victims. That these visits are disruptive and tax any available resources is mostly a necessary evil when it translates into more help in the long term.

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