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Review by Cavaet Emptor on 2010-07-22
PARSIPPANY, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a PNY flash drive in 2007. It advertised a $20 rebate. I sent the required paperwork the next day (well within the rebate period). I later checked their online site to get my rebate confirmation, but my rebate info was not checked in and did not show a registration number. I then followed the instructions on the rebate form and sent copies of all required rebate data once again to the recommended alternate Texas address. Again, I never got any confirmation of receipt of the rebate paperwork or the actual rebate.
I filed complaints with the BBB in Texas and NJ. PNY states that it will not honor the rebate because they did not receive the information and the rebate period is expired. I have pursued this for three years and keep getting the same response.
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-07-22:
Three years? I think you should drop it, its obvious you're not going to get your $20.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-07-22:
I mail a lot of rebates and am a big fan of them as a consumer. It may be too late to follow the proper procedures to collect the rebate, but my suggestions would be as follows:\

One, when making the purchase of anything with a rebate, make sure to keep accompanying documentation to show the retailer promoting the rebate. In most states, this puts the retailer on the hook for ultimately honoring said rebate as a condition of the terms of sale.

Two, keep copies of everything required for the rebate to be fulfilled. This generally is the rebate form, sales receipt and UPC bar code / serial numbers.

Three, when mailing the rebate, do so directly at a United States post office. Request a "Receipt of Mailing". This shows the parcel was handed to the post office and, by federal law, is the exact same as handing it directly to the rebate center. In other words, federal law states that the post office cannot misplace a parcel and be at fault for its loss.

Finally, you wait the period required for the rebate to be paid. This is always stated on the rebate form and is generally eight to ten weeks. If you haven't received the rebate within that time period, a call to the rebate center should resolve the issue. The rebate center will ask for you to generally fax copies of everything and EXPEDITE you a rebate check. If they fail to do so, you a generally allowed by state law to return to the retailer, requiring them to pay you the amount of rebate.

Anyway, I very seldom have ever had a problem with rebates and, if I ever had, following the procedures listed have always resolved the matter.

Best of luck.

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