Merrill Lynch Complaint - The Tyranny of First-Naming

Review by Bikeymikey on 2010-07-23
PENNINGTON, NEW JERSEY -- Over the past several years I have maintained an investment account at the broker Merrill Lynch, which brokerage house has recently been purchased by Bank of America.

I do not know if the purchase by BofA has changed Merrill Lynch's policies but I do know there is a great deal of unevenness in the application of courtesy when you contact their representatives. The first line of reps answering the phone are always courteous gentlemen who address you as Mr. or Mrs., as the case may be, and will use your last name, as is appropriate for any business. However, should you need to be transferred to their Distributions Department for any reason, the difference in attitude is like day and night. No matter who answers the phone they sound like 18-year old girls and they immediately will first-name you in the most condescendingly patronizing tone imaginable. I am sixty-one years of age and have had to deal with constant questions of an intrusive nature by these children attempting to determine if I am who I say I am. They think it's just fine to suddenly start calling me by a name only my mother ever called me, and she is deceased. I have spoken with a Shannon, an Iris, an April and the last time a supervisor interspersed himself onto the line because I was complaining again to the representative for her having first-named me. This joker's name was Ronnie Delaney and he began over-talking me, telling me my concern about how I was addressed did not speak to any of their business functions, so I was out of line, and did I have anything else to say as my account was being closed. I told him I was going to write to the CEO at Merrill Lynch because his department is incredibly rude, no one has the presumed right to first name a customer unless they are first given permission to do so by the customer. To assume one has an inherent right to do so is a disgraceful policy and no one should tolerate this kind of institutionalized liberal left-wing collectivist mentality that says everyone is to be treated and addressed as though they were ten years old. We are giving majority rights to minor children, yet treating older Americans and adults like infants. Go to any hospital or medical doctor's office and see if you are ever addressed as Mr. or Mrs. or even Ms. It's always the first name, in it's most formal form, never a nickname or shortened form or even Sir. What has happened to basic courtesy in this country?
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Posted by James on 2013-10-02:
I received a form letter from Merrill Edge Pennington, NJ signed by **. At the end of the letter was the useless 800 number

to Jacksonville, FL. So I did a bit of investigating and came up with (609) 303-6200. Dial that number, press 4 for the

company directory. Then spell the person's last and first name. So, when you get an unhelpful response form letter signed by

someone, Enter that person's name in the directory, get their phone number and 'reach out' to them!

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