Coastal Air Conditioning and Services Inc. Complaint - Coastal Air Conditioning in Melbourne, FL ripped me off

Review by eherring7 on 2010-07-23
MELBOURNE, FLORIDA -- We purchased a Goodman Air conditioning unit from Coastal Air Conditioning and Service, Inc. in Melbourne, FL on 8/4/08. Less than two years after purchasing this unit, the compressor has burned out. Coastal came out to look at it and told us the compressor was out. I was naturally upset as the unit was less than two years old. I called Coastal and talked to the owner, Bill, about the problem and he said that the parts were still under warranty and that the labor was not(1 year warranty on the labor). I then did some research on Goodman air conditioning units and found that they have a good reputation for their compressors and that one burning out after two years was not common. I then called another friend who does commercial air conditioning work to come and look at the problem. He checked out the unit and confirmed that it was the compressor that had burned out. He then checked the circuit breaker and found that when Coastal installed the unit on 8/4/08 they did not change out the circuit breaker from a 30 amp to a 20 amp. 20 amp is clearly written on the side of the condenser unit as the maximum amps for the unit. I then called Bill at Coastal to talk to him about what was discovered. He was very rude to me at the beginning of the call, basically saying I was rude the day before and did not talk to him very nicely. I then apologized for the way I had talked to him the day before. He then told me that the only business we needed to talk about was whether or not I wanted them to do the work for $450 or not. I asked if I could ask a question about the work and he said yes. I then explained to him what the other air conditioner tech had found about the circuit breaker. He then proceeded to ask me what my point of telling him this information was. He then asked if I was wanting them to do the install of the new compressor for free. I told him, since it looked like they were negligent for the problem after all, that I felt like they should do it for free. It was their fault after all with the way they installed the unit almost two years ago. He then cut me off and said the only thing he wanted to know was whether I wanted them to do the work for $450 or not. He said either I told him yes or no, or he was hanging up. He then proceeded to hang up on me, when I tried to talk to him about the circuit breaker again. That is why I am filing this complaint. Coastal Air Conditioning did bad work when installing my unit two years ago, by not installing the correct circuit breaker, or at least letting me, the homeowner, know about it. It is a $10 circuit breaker and could have prevented this $450 bill that I am now having to pay. I feel ripped off and there is nothing I can do about it except file this complaint.

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