Investigative Resources of Texas Complaint - Bad attitude and just cocky individual

Review by Spyrylonely2010 on 2010-07-30
DALLAS, TEXAS -- I called this company and the gentleman that answered (the one on the video) got aggravated and cocky when I started asking him how he was going to start working with my case. I asked/suggested that if he was going to locate the person I was looking for maybe thru databases and neighbors, first. I asked if he was going to do that before going ultimately to the next level of surveillance and what not. He started asking all sorts of questions. He asked me what I did for a living and I answered. Then, he said have you ever done any kind of investigative work at all. Then, he continued to ask me if anyone had ever dictated to me on how do do my job. I then responded that I was not trying to dictate to him how to do his job an that I just wanted to know what all he was going to do before recurring to other methods (more expensive). Since the get go, he was trying to tell me that it was going to take him a good week or so to try to resolve my case. To me, he was just trying to scam me and when I asked about the cheaper way to start the investigation, he got defensive and suggested I was trying to tell him how to do his job. I told him that if he was going to act that way toward me, that I did not need his services and hung up on him. He was just cocky, arrogant and ugly with no customer skills at all. All it seems to me is that they want the business to keep on bringing in the money (investigative cases) without treating their customers with the utmost respect they deserve. Naturally, I was trying to find out which resources he was going to rely on first because I am the one paying for the investigation, right?
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Posted by SaMoore on 2010-07-30:
I will say that as the owner of a business, I would have done the exact same thing with you. Now, it's one thing to try and satisfy your clients completely and another to have them dictate how you go about running your business, especially before they are even an actual client.

If a client contacts me, lets me know what they have and asks me how to go about it, I'm more than willing to give them their best options and the way that I would professionally handle their situation. I'm also willing to jump through quite a few hoops if the client is not completely happy.

However, if a client approaches me and wants to know if I'm going to do the cheapest thing for him and then continues to tell me all of the ways that he/ she would go about doing my job I'm much more content to let that person use a different service (and I let them know this is a better option) because you can just tell that they are going to be more of a hassle than it's worth. More often than not, because of the way that the client wants to nitpick every aspect of what I do for a living they will never be satisfied with the end result because A, they are just an unsatisfiable person or B, they did not let me provide them with what I am an expert in. The service you chose apparently has enough business that they don't have to book in yours. This suggests they likely know what they are doing.

I would suggest since you are such an expert in the investigative field that you handle your investigation yourself and save the headache.

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