Gunther Mazda Complaint - Refused Warranty Service

Review by chemicals on 2010-08-01
FT.LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, FLORIDA -- Purchased a new car, 4/2010 and received a recall from Mazda. Gunther Mazda is near my home and I called to make an appointment for this authorized RECALL. Because of previous problems with this dealership with their performance in fixing my car, I had to report them to the Better Business Bureau and of course, would not go there again, if I have to spend MY money. Because this was a MAZDA Recall and was told any dealer could help. When I called and they heard my name, the Service Manager declined to do the WARRANTY WORK.

He stated, why would I want to come back, if I was not happy before, and I said, since I donot have to spend my money and its MAZDA's product, I would like to have the recall performed, NO GO!!!

This dealership is dishonest in their advertising, their mechanics and honesty. I would not recommend this dealer for anything.
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Posted by Skye on 2010-08-01:
Go to another Mazda dealership for the recall work. They do have the right to decline performing the work for you. After all, do you really want to go back to this place, after filing a complaint with the BBB? Who knows what might end up going wrong on your car. Not saying this would actually happen, but you never know.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2010-08-01:
Why would you even want to go there? What does it matter if it is your money or Mazda's money? If you believe they did crappy work before why wouldn't they do crappy work again? This makes no sense at all. I did a quick google search and there appears to be several other Mazda dealers in Fort Lauderdale. Go to one of them.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-08-01:
Actually, I don't believe any privately owned business is required to do business with anyone they don't want to associate with. This is one complaint where, even by the way the OP has written the review, I would side heavily towards the dealership. If the OP had strong enough feelings towards the dealership to report them to the BBB he should further have sense enough to know he is cutting all ties with the dealership. Returning to the dealership just because it wasn't his money involved doesn't make any sense at all.
Posted by nakedeye on 2010-10-04:
I have an auto that is having several recalls. I totally understand this guys point. Why should he have to go out of his way to fix a problem that is not really his choice to get fixed and be further inconvenienced?
Posted by pete on 2013-07-24:
GUNTHER Mazda is a very disgusting
car dealer. If you call them about an
ad that they advertised the salesperson
whol answers the phone will not be honest
When I called about one of their ads the
sales person was totally dishonest with me.
This is how hey run their dealership.
Do youself a favor and find another
dealertship. If you go to this dealership
you will get what you deserve.

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