Grove City Dodge Complaint - Can't Get My Ram To Go From Pt A To B And Dealer Doesn't Care

Review by MyRamWOntGoFromPt A to B on 2010-08-02
GROVE CITY, PENNSYLVANIA -- Wouldn't you expect your new Ram run? Expect the engine to last more than 30 K miles.....and if it didn't don't you think the dealer would try to make it right??? Well the customer service lady at the Grove City Dodge dealer is kind of nasty. Pretty stuck up and unwilling to help. Then ends the conversation with a smirk. The guy that works in service dept is more than nice, in fact the only one with class in the dealership, but the problem is the woman has to bud in to the conversation after hanging up from her personal phone call she is taking in front of customers. So our truck's engine blew under warranty. The dealer put a bandaid on the engine and said here you go. Well we went about another 30K and then guess what.... same problem all over again.

But now since its been more than 12 mos from the time the gasket was replaced its no longer under warranty. So we went to the dealer and asked for a discount on the parts and labor. Snotty lady in service said no way. They wouldn't give me the Dodge reps phone number. Its a secret. Said its hidden under the privacy act. So I complained and then complained to the manager of the dealer in front of prospective customers. Then the service lady miraculously let me speak to the Dodge representative who said "your warranty is up but it is not too much for you to ask for a discount on parts and labor". So I told the service lady that the Dodge representative said I needed to speak to the owner. She got me the owner.

The owner did not walk up and introduce himself. Rather his first interaction with me was very unprofessional and rude. He walked up to me and said "YOu want a discount?" I said yes. He said "I aint giving you no discount. I heard what you said in front of my customers" and he walked out the door past me. What jerk. So that is how they treat customers at the Grove City Dodge dealer- without respect and without a care and without an introduction. Bottome line- buy TOYOTA- the rock in product and customer service! I was in the dealer ship with my three children. My oldest child- age 7 commented that man was very mean to you. It really stinks our truck has never really worked without a large repair bill, its pretty much a lemon, but what makes it worse is a service worker at the dealer ship with a bad attitude and an attitude that portrays she doesn't care about her customers. The man that works in customer service though was very nice. And then you would think an owner would have a little more class with his customers.
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Posted by MDSasquatch on 2010-08-02:
My Ram blew an engine just after the 72K warranty expired, they wanted $10,000 to put an engine in a truck worth $8,000 at best. I ended up with a rebuilt engine, but the cost was still very high.

On the other hand, my Dodge Caravan is still chugging away at nearly 100K miles; I guess it is the luck of the draw?
Posted by rockfishing on 2010-08-02:
I get the feeling there may be more to this story. I would love to hear the dealer's side. There was no mention of the Year of the vehicle. I guess from the review there was engine trouble that was fixed under warranty when the vehicle had 30k miles. Then after an additional 30k miles the x year old vehicle again has engine trouble and the OP wants a discount on parts and labor since it is no longer under warranty. Well, that'd the way it works. After the warranty period the owner is responsible for all repairs. The refusal of the owners demand for a discount does not constitute rudeness.

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