Curb-It Co., Inc Complaint - Cracked Curbing - Decorative Curbing

Review by jmh5530 on 2010-08-05
LADY LAKE, FLORIDA -- We had decorative curbing installed on June 25th of this year. We were very happy with the workers and the curbing looked beautiful. However.... By the end of the day we noticed a crack in the curbing by the driveway. This crack was located just off the driveway on the left side. This was the location that the workers had some trouble with, as there was a very large ant hill located just beneath the curbing. The crew leader had already warned us about this, and had in fact used our ant-spray on the area in hopes of getting rid of the pests.

We felt that perhaps in the drying process... The curbing had settled and shifted because of the ant hill...Thus causing the crack.

We phoned curb it immediately to advise of the crack. Our information was taken by the secretary and we were told that someone would be out to look at this....

No one showed... We called back a week later...

We were told that we were on the list..And someone would contact us....

No one called... No one showed up.

We contacted this company no fewer than 5 times to request someone come out to look at this problem and repair.

Finally after many calls .... Someone came out on 08-03-2010. This is over a month !!!!

We were just happy to have the issue finally being addressed... However.... We were told that the problem was caused by our vehicles running over the concrete and that we would be charged an additional $125. To fix !!!

This is outragous. We tried to explain that we called the very 1st day about the issue... Prior to the concrete actually settling completely ..And that it was just a crack at that point. We admit that the edge was run over by our vehicle...And that it was cracked on the edges now.... However that had nothing to do with our original complaint.

It should never have taken over a month to address this issue.

We feel foolish that we declined several other estimates originally on this project, because we were told that curb-it was very reputable.

I would like curb-it to repair the issue with the cracked curb. We are talking about maybe a foot & 1/2 of curbing on the edge of the drive.
I would like them to stand behind their product and value their customer. The customer service is very lacking at this company.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-08-05:
Good post and good info to have. Little hard to read though.
Posted by fast327 on 2010-08-05:
Concrete is guaranteed to do two things; (1) get very hard (2) crack.
Posted by Starlord on 2010-08-05:
Sounds like a perfect case for Small Claims court to me. Have all your documentation, pictures, etc. Good luck.
Posted by rockfishing on 2010-08-05:
It sounds like the contractor should of dug out the ant nest and compacted the soil before he poured concrete over it. The soil is unstable under this area. The right way to fix it would be to saw cut both ends. Dig out the area to below the ant nest, fill with compacted stone then repour. Don't let them only fix the crack because you will continue to have problem. Do you have any pictures during construction?
Posted by Helpful on 2010-08-05:
When I had decorative curbing done, they automatically placed separation cuts within it so the concrete could have room to give, if needed.

I was with the OP up until she admitted that she had also run over the curbing, which sounds like it can easily be seen.
Posted by jmh5530 on 2010-08-07:
We did not think to take pictures... never expected anything to go wrong.
And the contractor did place separation cuts...however this cracked between the cuts.... its just maddening that the company will not stand behind the product...and that it took them over a month to come back out. Two of our neighbors have asked about the curbing... (new community).. however we recommended they stay AWAY from Curb it. Thats a shame that this business lost 2 more sales over this small issue.
Shouldn't be that hard to fix... a little concrete mix and we are back in business....
Thanks everyone for your comments.

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