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Review by Bud1 on 2010-08-05
AUGUSTA GEORGIA -- I visited the Augusta Georgia Affordable Dentures on July 12 2010 to have four teeth extracted the dentist there dr Randle Wells was putting pressure on my back upper tooth when I heard a cracking and popping I told him to ease up something was about to break and he added more pressure and I heard a loud crack and pop so after the four extractions I was being refused to let me look at them and finally demanded and noticed a large peice of bone attached to the tooth I have been back on several occasions having to get bone picked out and was told by him this past tuesday that no more could be removed because I wouldn't have anything left so here I am stuck in pain and with bone sticking thru my gum and oh I forgot a couple more things the receptionist there was trying really hard to sell me a package deal on monday july 26 that I couldnt really afford so when I went to the back to have my impression made I had to sign paper stating that I refused want a package deal and wanted only economy dentures and was told with those all that I would have to do is maybe have them relined or seldomely adjusted and was not told in the exact words what they are saying is only temporary dentures and still very unhappy with them a blind person could have made them better so if you have trouble over there dont go calling what they call the corporate office they will tell you that they are only like a rental agency for those dentist or thats what I was told by a mrs. susan at the corporate office lol what a rip off so if any one lives in this area and has had any problems with these people and know who to contact please let me know thank you
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Posted by Johanna on 2010-08-05:
Ouch! Sounds like you need to see an oral surgeon to get this taken care of rather than just a regular DDM. You might also report this guy to the ADA, not that it'll do much for your tooth.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-06:
It is normal to hear cracking, crunching, and popping during an extraction.It is also common for unsound teeth to break during an extraction. Do see an oral surgeon to have the rest of the bone surgically removed before getting fitted for dentures. After oral surgery you will have to wait for dentures until your gums have completely healed. It was inexcusable not to prescribe something for the pain, as well as antibiotics, unless there is a medical reason as to why you shouldn't take them.

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