Global Select Auto In Arlington, VA Complaint - Stay Away!!!

Review by jglitz on 2010-08-05
ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA -- This is there worst car dealership I have ever been too. They are very unproffesional. The customer is there last priority. I traded my car in for a Durango and come to find ou the deal wasn't even legit. They had me driving around in a car that wasn't mine and didn't realize it till I called about the temp tags expiring. Sothey told me to go up there to get it extended. Mind you I went up there with my 3 small kids and told me that the deal didn't go through and to give them there car back. So I explained to them that there dumb asses were the ones that told me to transfer my tags and insurance so how the hell was I going to get my car back home with no tags and no insurance. That's when they wanted to act like they didn't know anything and lied and said nobody told me to do that. But who the hell gives the keys to their vehicle to a customer for a month without the d being finalized. And then put mycar up for sale the day after I did the trade. The worst part is that they were willing to put me and my kids on the street to find our way back home to Maryland at night. OnceI got upset that's when all of sudden I could keep the car for an extra day to get my tags back from MVD. They heartless individuals. And I hope they close down for there poor business practices. Oh and good luck trying to reach the manager. Because every time I tried he wasn't there and nobody knew when he would be in. But when we were making the deal they were easily able to contact but when there's a problem he's MIA. I also contacted the BBB and they had the same unproffessional response from them. Don't even think twice about going to these people unless you want a big headache.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-08-05:
BBB= Bad Business Bureau..they are in it for themselves. Don't give a rat's rear about the consumer, just the businesses that give them $$$$
Posted by Helpful on 2010-08-06:
The key to owning a car is having the title signed over to you. Did that ever happen or did you just drive around in a car that wasn't titled over to you for that long?
Posted by mad black women on 2010-08-10:
I had 2 many problems with them, and I looking into sewing there asses, everything with them is fraud, Your right about the Manager you can never get in touch with him. They told me my car was inspected, come to find out it had an engine problem. The inspection sticker was fraud.... I heard that the company had change them name but cant find out what the first name was.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-10:
Im confused. What deal didn't go through? A bank loan? Not to be negative, but your kids have nothing to do with this. No one forced you to bring your kids with you. If you feel they were going to take the vehicle and leave you stranded, why did you go to the dealership to begin with? oh and sewing their asses? OUCH that sure would teach them a LESSON! HAHA!
Posted by SaMoore on 2010-08-10:
It seems really bizarre that they would leave you in a situation where you thought you were the owner and had begun the process of selling your car and getting plates and insurance turned over... when in fact you never owned the car at all.
Posted by mad black women on 2010-08-10:
Prince-Caesar get a life you have nothing better to do then read reviews and make negitive comments.

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