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Review by cenorred on 2010-08-06
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- My mom was admitted to rehab at Heartland for rehab/ skilled nursing for 20 days. She entered this facility on August 3, 2010. My mother had been in the hospital for 9 days. She had been receiving assistance for all her needs while at the hospital. She was assigned a doctor on duty, apparently assessed, vital signs taken, oxygen set up, meal tray given. We had asked for some refreshments and was informed we needed to bring her own. I asked the two LVN sitting at the desk if they could get my mom some jello and ice cream. They said they would tell the CNA without getting my mom's room number. They continued to sit at the desk and talk. Finally we saw the admissions coordinator and she went to the kitchen to help us. We asked for a bedside commode to get my mom up to keep her strength up, and other equipment she might need such as a wheelchair, chair to sit up in such as a lounger or geri chair. They said they did not have for my mom's use. The bed was placed down to the floor for falling purposes, had no rails which they said was a form of restraints, and place mats at the side of the bed for falling. We put my mom on the bedpan three times, fed her, and left at 7:00 pm. We decided to push my mom's call bell to see if someone would assist her on the bedpan. The light was red, but there was no light lighting up outside and no one to call into the room.

It took 15 minutes for the CNA to get to the room. I know they are busy, she said she was feeding someone, but the two LVN's continued sitting up at the desk talking. We asked the CNA again for a bedside commode, she asked if my my mom could wear a diaper during the night. We said no. We wanted her to progress, not regress. You have to remember as of nine days my mom was in her own home using her walker and walking around. The nurse on duty 7-3 was curt to me when I ask her if there was a charge for doing laundry at the facility. She said she was patient oriented not financial oriented. That got me off on the wrong foot with her. We left and my sister arrived the next morning to my my mon completely disoriented. She was on a wet bed, she had redness to her bottom which she did not have, she was glaring in space and not calling my sister nor me by our names when I arrived saying yes mame. She did not know where the TV was, and when my sister ask her who was on the show that was on which she watches all the time who the charcter was (Grady) she said the Sandford Family. She had receive as informed by the nurse that she was given a generic form of Vicodan for her neck.

My sister asked for something to relieve the pain. Her doctor had never met my mom and no questions had been asked previously what my mom could take or not take. The doctor had not examined her yet nor had met her and I will tell you many medications make her sick she cannot tolerate a Darvocet. My sister let her know my mom was out of it. When I arrived my mom was the same with me. The nurse noted she was in an altered state and I also asked her about the red bottom and she said that she was not interested in her bottom but her altering state of mind. The doctor wanted her transported back to the hospital. They ask us to leave her bags, they said they would get her a air mattress, and there was a bedside commode in the room.

I was so angry and crying at that point that I told my sister to help me pack my mom's bags to get out of this place. The charge nurse came down and never said anything to us and just stared at us. They were cleaning the bed off and we were taken off to see the Director of Nurses. I was so angry I started cussing and asking them would they want their mom to be left like this. What is sad, she had no words to soothe me make me feel better just a hug at the end. I was not taken to the administrator or given any encouragement. I really did not intend to leave my mom there. She is back at the NE Methodist Hospital in San Antonio where she remembers the faces that have been so kind to her. She is having some more testing and will remain for a few more days. We are at square 1 again looking for a rehab for her.

She was drug tested and the nurse said she had had Ativan the night before and Vicodan that morning while at the Rehab. God took care of her. Just my observation- the two most challenged people in the unit were at the back of the floor. They could not had a room closer, but when we complained they were going to move her.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-06:
Cenorred, first of all I am truly sorry your mom had to suffer, I can't imagine what that was like for you to witness and for her to endure. So glad you got her out of there!

Please take the time to submit a formal complaint against Heartland if you haven't already. I did a Google search and I see that Heartland has many complaints and was given basically an F rating during their last inspection, one of the main concerns being potential harm to patients.

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